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Welcome to the website 500tattoos.com! Without false modesty, we can say that you were one of the most informative sites about tattoos . Here you can find out not only what types of tattoos there , trace their history , learn the meaning of the tattoo , but also enjoy a huge selection of free photos and sketches .

Clear,any tattoo that conceals a special meaning . For example , the dragon is a symbol of perseverance , strength , generosity and inexhaustible magic. Therefore, in order not to be trapped , it is advisable before applying a tattoo to know its value . It must be remembered that it will follow you the rest of your life will become a personal symbol ,so it should be chosen very carefully . Now we will look at a few of the most popular types of tattoos .

girl with a crown tattoo on his back

Image of a guardian . As a rule, it is a different kind of signs , magical inscriptions , which are designed to protect your vehicle from all troubles and misfortunes .

Memorial tattoos . It's kind of a reminder of the important people and events in his life ,for example, the name of a loved one or the birth date .

Military Tattoo . As you know, these tattoos do at the time of service in the army . They are characterized by the information content where, when , in what the army served .

tattoo on his feet style old school

Tattoos with religious overtones . The most common tattoos here are images of crucifixes , crosses ,sectarian character , at least - sayings from the Bible .

Decorative tattoo . The main purpose and meaning of tattoos - body decoration. It can be as small pictures, or entire designs on the chest , back, shoulders , calves or ankles . Perhaps the most popular form of tattoos for girls.

Prison tattoos . Knowledgeable people ,looking at this tattoo can tell the biography of its owner. It is understandable , the meaning of these tattoos is to show the place in the hierarchy of the prison environment , prison sentence , as well as the specialization of this person . Therefore, it is not necessary to apply such tattoos without having , at least , you can misunderstand .Biomechanical tattoos . Fairly new and very popular trend in this field . The biggest demand is , of course , among the young , who are happy to put images that mimic the effects of implantation of any part of the robot .

grin bear tattoo

Erotic tattoo . They are applied to increase the sex appeal of his body .Trying to arouse even more desire for sex partner , many applied to the private parts causing the images and inscriptions .

Animalistic and vegetable image . According to statistics, very many people like to decorate their body images of birds , animals , and plants. Basically, these tattoos make the fairer sex ,although there are many men who prick themselves with pictures lions and tigers . Women prefer lizards , dolphins and flowers .

Chinese and Japanese tattoos . This kind of tattoos , probably never lose its relevance . Too many people , including celebrities , nourish feelings of trembling to various inscriptions ,hieroglyphics , and national fence.

Now that you know what types of tattoos , there are , and how to interpret a particular value tattoos . But do not go on Tattook.ru there is still a lot of interesting and informative . It should also be noted , and the fact that the portal is updated all the time with new material .Therefore, we are waiting for you on open spaces of our site , because you can not only watch the tattoo online , but also learn useful information about this ancient method of decorating their bodies.

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