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For many years, the love and the desire for something beautiful and unique captured the different layers of the population. Many centuries ago , in a world where only we begin to create various images that emphasized the uniqueness , originality and uniqueness of the person ,came the so-called " permanent makeup " - the process of applying to the skin a variety of patterns. First tattoo , in addition to beauty , had a deeper meaning , and everyone, even a tiny tattoo on the body did not appear for no reason . Any tattoo can not be ignored , it either admire or condemn . But the drawings on the bodynever leaves no one indifferent .

Today , tattoos are a way to emphasize your individuality and self-expression among others. It is proved that the idea of ​​" something has to be a change , everything old is too pall " , attends the fairer sex at least once in two months.It was at this time, women buy new clothes , hair repainted or resort to radical solutions and make the tattoo . Unfortunately , until recently, it was only known tattoo that is a durable , parchment pattern on the body , which was achieved through the introduction of color under the skin . Such a tattoo ,mostly done for the rest of life, and to get rid of them is very difficult , especially if you want to restore skin natural color and natural beauty . But now there was a fresh , interesting and relevant enough to offer it - bio tattoos .

What is a bio tattoo ? This tattoo is completely different from the oneThis is done with needles and paints, which pattern is created under the skin. Art painting - this is what lies at the basis of this type of tattoo , as a means of creating that image is - Iranian henna . This tattoo lasts from three to four weeks , gradually fades with each wash until not disappear . The main thing,it disappeared entirely with the skin , bio tattoo does not leave any stains and scars .

These temporary tattoos are fun , originality and uniqueness. Recently, bio tattoo began to attract more young people . After all, this kind of tattoo requires a little time for his creation , it is applied in just a few hours.It all depends on the extent and pattern skladnosti . Also, this type of body painting is completely painless and lasts a minimum of two , maximum of four weeks , that does not allow podnadoest its owner .

Organic tattoo - it is one of the most popular ways of body art that is practiced since the time of ancient Egypt and India .Women often enough to do the painting on my body , on any activities or events are very important in their lives . Very often the drawings on the body have magical powers , and served as talismans against evil spirits and evil eye .

Some senior women who have had the time , money and desire , making these paintings every month .In India, women decorated especially the hands and feet , because these figures are applied only on the exposed parts of the body . Arts underwear painting to this day is very popular in Indian culture . In addition, at this time , beautiful drawings on the body , have become the most recognizable sign of India, as it were, "business card" of the country .Magic symbol on the shoulder or lower back , Celtic patterns on the hands or feet , characters in the neck or chest - all this beauty attracts the eye , is a delight and an overwhelming desire to make myself something like that . Everyone has long known that every tattoo that symbolizes something , shows the inner world and taste of its owner . So far ,not everyone will be able to decide to get a tattoo that disappears in a month , as it can bio tattoos . A very large number of people make bio tattoo just to see if they want in its place was a normal tattoo , which will remain forever.

Bio henna or mehndi tattoos - a stunning and completely harmless pictures ,which can be applied to the skin . They consist of almost 100 % of natural components that have hypoallergenic properties. Moreover , many people who do tattoos or henna hair color , say that thanks to its natural qualities , greatly accelerated the process of regeneration of the skin.This unique property can help henna in the treatment of psoriasis or other skin diseases.

The only problem that may arise in the creation of drawing henna - a cosmetic oils , which are often part of the mix to create bio tattoos . If the wizard is used undiluted or poor-quality oil,and even if the oil is an excellent , but tattooing specialist it will overheat , then you face a skin burn. Burn manifested several hours after the tattoo in the form of small pimples on the lines of the drawing. If you this happens , you should immediately consult a dermatologist . But fortunately this happens very rarely , but the bio- feedback henna tattoo , mostlyvery positive .

Bio Glitter tattoo - it is the image of a pattern on the body , which is obtained by applying to the skin a special adhesive , which is then sprinkled with sequins. Bio Glitter tattoo - a great way to stand out from the crowd , for example , at a party or New Year celebrations . This method of tattooing ,It allows to reach the most refined and unpredictable transitions of colors, which will be flashing different colors and pleasing to the eye of others.

Advantages of bio tattoos

Henna on hand

This type of tattoo has no restrictions , they can do as a child and an elderly man .

This type of decoration can be done on any type of skin .Due to the fact that the henna does not cause allergic reactions properties , bio tattoo with this natural dye is completely safe .

Picture that was made mehndi , will not bring you any problems . It is not smeared , shedding clothes on or spread on the skin .

Bio tattoo always applied not under the skin and on its surface .This tattoo gives you the opportunity to test their desire to have a constant pattern in the body.

The image on the body , which is made using henna , makes it possible to favorably stand out from the crowd , on any event or party .

The cost of time " Beauty Body " is ten times cheaper than the tattoo that was done on the rest of his life .After his disappearance from the body , these tattoos do not leave sticky and unpleasant tracks that often remain after labels.

These drawings on the body using henna , can make even a person who graduated from art school or simply have the ability to draw from nature.

Mendy looks perfectly tanned body,besides, it is permitted to carry out up to tanning .

Method of application bio tattoo

Applying mehndi

First of all , you should know exactly what kind of picture will adorn your body for a month . Cost tattoo procedure depends on the size and pattern complexity in implementation.

With treated skin antiseptic ,where exquisite figure will soon .

Next, we use a stencil , which is applied to a specific area of the skin and the future outlines of the images is done on it . Already on this circuit is applied to the glue and glitter , or henna .

If used in the creation of bio henna tattoos , her body must be maintained for one hour. But if the glue and glitter,15-20 minutes will be enough .

If done correctly and carefully, for several weeks, you will enjoy the beauty of bio tattoo .

How to permanently preserve the beauty of your tattoo ?

Bio tattoo on hands

First of all you need to know that at that time , when you wear mehndi pattern ,it is desirable to give up baths and common methods to prefer short-term soul . Even too much sweating, sports, trip to the sauna will figure mehndi more harm than good . Also , when washing is not allowed to wash the tattoo with soap , and its better to give preference warm , not hot water. Soap,shower gel or scrub always significantly reduce the residence time of the short-term picture on your body .

Bathing in the sea , lakes or pools erase your tattoo in a matter of days . But if it has turned out that in the time of rest , you need to make a tattoo , do not despair .Save your bio tattoo from the damaging effects of chloride and salt water , as well as excessive bathing will help sunscreen . This cream is necessary several times a day to put on top of the short-term picture , which will create a protective film tattoo.

If you want a longer time to save your drawing ,do not use while bathing sponges or even any objects that contribute to a deeper cleanse the skin .

Such mehndi is best done on the hands or feet , it's the driest areas of the body which allows bio tattoo beat longer bright and attractive . And also try to take into account the factthat the best time for a unique and inimitable designs on your body - it's warm and dry days . The ideal time for such a procedure - summer.

We told you about the wonderful way to decorate your body , which is one and has never left indifferent. After reading this article , hopefully you have discovered a lot of new and interesting .Now that you know about the different types of tattoos and if you want to make yourself something similar , will be able to make the right choice : to make a long-term or short-term test tattoo bio tattoo .

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