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The body of the most popular pop singer adorned with five tattoos. Located all the tattoos Christina Aguilera in different parts of the body .

His first tattoo the singer struck in September 2001 . Tattoo Christina Aguilera as a small flower , made with Celtic style , decorates the left wrist of the singer .Painted flower symbolizes eternal love and friendship .

At the turn of 2001 and 2002 to decorate his body Christina made ​​her second tattoo in the lower abdomen . The mastermind and co-author of the picture is Jorge Santos , with whom the singer suffered his first feeling of true love .Already a third tattoo Christina Aguilera made ​​after himself . So the singer 's neck is decorated with an inscription in italic «Xtina», which displays a shortened version of the name of the star. There was a tattoo in the same 2002, when the singer was preparing for the release of the album «Stripped».

In the summer of next year , while preparing for the tour to support the album ,Christina Aguilera made ​​a new tattoo . The venue for its fourth star tattoos chose left forearm .

Picture taken in the form of inscriptions in two languages ​​: Hebrew and Spanish . The inscription in Hebrew stands for the initials - «YB». " I Love you forever " - so translates the Spanish phrase «Te Amo Siempre», made ​​in red. Menin honor of which was made this tattoo is Bretmen Jordan .

In 2005 , on the eve of the wedding of Christina and Jordan , the singer presented her future husband a unique gift in the form of tattoos , which are made on the lower back . The inscription is also made in Hebrew and is the quote the biblical book " Song of Songs " , written by the King Solomon .Literally saying " Shira Song of Songs " means " I belong to my beloved , and my beloved - me ." Beneath this inscription Christina struck the initials of her future husband - «JB».

Christina tattoo designs and images

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