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When Angelina was younger on her left shoulder adorned oriental dragon .

Later, the dragon appeared the name of her husband Billy Bob Thornton's pretty large letters . Below , on the left forearm can see the quotation of the American novelist and playwright Tennessee Williams : «A prayer for the wild at heart, kept in cages» ( « A prayer for the wild heartlanguishing in prison " ) . Below - a tattoo with the letter "h" - in the words of the actress made ​​in honor of her brother James Heyvena with whom they are close .

In 2004 , after her divorce from Billy Bob and Angelina not only removes the tattoo with his name , but also a picture of a dragon , which , instead of on her left shoulder inscriptions begin to appear from the figures .It coordinates of the birthplaces of her children , who are now six ( three adopted and three of his ) .

In the same year there is an inscription at the top of the back, under the neck of the feminist wing "Know Your Rights" ( Know your rights ) .

Below and to the left - 5 column Khmer inscriptions designed to protect the owner against accidents . Approximate translation:" Let your enemies will keep their distance ,

If you acquire riches, may they remain yours forever ,

Let your beauty will be like the beauty of the Apsaras ( Khmer mythology heroine unprecedented beauty )

Wherever you went , though many follow you , serving and protecting you "

On the inner side of the left hand ,below the elbow first appeared Roman numeral 13 ( "XIII"), according to Jolie it was to show her lack of faith in luck . Then the figure turned into "XIII V MCMXL". The significance of this tattoo - the date of the appointment of Churchill , Prime Minister of England . And it is made to order to show how Jolie respect this policy .At the bottom of the belly there is an inscription in Latin "Quod me nutrit me destruit", which can be translated as : " What nourishes me, and kill me ." Next to this inscription large black cross . Earlier in his place was the dragon that Jolie clave being drunk , then realized that he did not look at her Boudreau and just painted over it with this cross,who reminds her pants sticking out of a dagger .

At the rear, lower back , her Indian characters. Above them, a dragon and a symbolic image of the window . And the dragon adorned the huge Asian tiger .

Above tiger emblazoned on the back in the form of a large tattoo patterns. In addition , it flaunts an Arabic inscription , which is one of the values ​​in its right hand -"Will" or " courage ." This tattoo covers made ​​earlier. On the shoulder of the actress painted Chinese character having a value of "death" , he made ​​it to remind you of the great sense of each day we live .

One thing is for sure - this is not a complete list of Jolie's tattoos. Very little hard to believe in something ,that it will stop at the achieved results. But let us hope that it will make them deliberately , and not very often , he would not turn his body into one big picture .

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