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Tattoo knife set of values ​​, such as betrayal and loneliness , the accuracy of the actions ; It can be a symbol of military service , duality , suffering, freedom , achievements , revenge , agility , power , determination, steadfastness . Sketch this tattoo is not difficult , and it may well fulfill any master .

Besides,the value of the knife tattoo depends on the combinations , which combined tattoo . Tatu , where the blood drips from the knife , takes the value of willingness to take any action , without regard for the consequences . The combination of a knife and a skull represents death , or a talisman - amulet .

A knife in the heart is a betrayal in love relationships .Often, this symbol is cruelty and vindictiveness . The combination of a knife and a human head corresponds to a symbol that prick during the war . Tattoos , which has a knife and the meat is cynicism or insult .

Quite often the knife combined with various elements packed into prison . For example , the devil ,which is pierced by a dagger , will have a value of anti-Semitic tattoos . The dagger , which entwined snake is the personification of the thief or thieves group leader .

Remarkably , the Aztecs used a knife to respecting and honoring their many gods . Quite often, the knife was a symbol of high status .In Buddhism, a knife represented liberation from material ties and bonds . If you find the materialism of evil , the knife tattoo will help to get rid of materialism and greed .

There are people who are committed to collect a collection of knives from the very beginning not understand , why did you choose such an unusual hobby ,but over time, many are beginning to love their collections , enjoying the clean blades , metal luster .

Previously, such a tattoo applied dark or black shades . At present , these tattoos are doing already , and in color , most often in a style called " old school " . In addition , the actual knife has thumbnails in combination with roses , snake , heart, Various inscriptions .

Tattoo knife helps to express people's feelings . But it is worth beware of tattoo which knife is the embodiment of sacrifice . Often the knife tattoo done by people who are in the role of victim or have a purpose for which are even ready to die.

And remember : whatever the knife tattoo sketch - most importantly,that it was unique ! A below shows the photos of tattoos with a knife by different masters for your inspiration .

Knife tattoo designs and images

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