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Mantis - insect complex, itself is interpreted in many different ways. And tattoos mantises out complex, multi-valued, able to cause even harm the host. Hazards are value tattoos mantis.

This creature is a symbol of courage, piety and fortitude, but at the same time - the cruelty, deceit,aggressiveness and ruthlessness. However, this insect is held in high esteem by Muslims - they still believe that the mantis taking his pious posture, turns to the holy city of Mecca.

Sketch of tattoo mantis is to choose a person who lacks courage and bravery. But it is worth noting that in the case ofthat the person does not want to change and grow spiritually, it will change the tattoo mantis. In this case, the carrier of the tattoo will show aggression, cruelty, recklessness.

Also it should be noted that the mark - women like feminists, because the nature of the female mantis eats the male after mating.Depending on what style made ​​tattoo Mantis, it is and will be important. Many nations are concerned and still respectful to the mantis, and even respectfully. It was believed that he was in his prayer pose turns its face towards Mecca, and in some African countries believePraying that his paw may indicate the correct direction to the North, and thereby help to get lost.

But do not forget that the mantis can be aggressive and ruthless animals, because even eating style of kung fu, which is named for this insect.

In addition, the Bushmen believe Mantis creator of the universe,Japanese endow his negative qualities, and the Chinese associate it with cunning, aggression and violence.

Even Mantis can mean the supremacy of women, this value comes from the fact that females Bogomolov always larger than males after mating and they eat their partner.

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