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Since ancient times, people have attracted insects, their image - and as a tattoo too - widely used in different cultures . People believed that these strange and mysterious beings connect with each other all the worlds . Allegedly, the insects have access to areas of the upper world and the lower world where demons live .Therefore, according to ancient insects can be envoys , messengers and assistants of some supernatural forces , it is endowed with super abilities . A person who has a tattoo , shall be attached to these abilities .

Times have changed and now we have a little different look at the tattoos . One of the most popular images - butterfly, moth .Meaning tattoo " butterfly " is hidden in the image of this extremely elegant creatures . Moth - is freedom , joy, life, love and beauty in a variety of forms , and yet it is impermanence . Butterflies in fact rarely linger in one place , they always rush on and on , as if trying to find happiness .

moths -delicate moths with silky wings neutral shades . Easy , game , freedom , a certain naivety , receptivity , interest matters of sex - this is the value of the butterfly tattoo .

This is the most common symbol of the freedom and its limitations - moth nature programmedhe had to fly to the light bulb and beating its walls , although he could fly freely. Tattooed young girls often make liberal to emphasize the fragility of their femininity .

Suspect in frivolity lady with a tattoo of a butterfly is considered bad manners ,because in our time ( as opposed to the courtly era ), this image carries no negative connotation . This is a positive symbol , connecting with nature, esoteric forces , subtle inner energies . Naturalistic or stylized image of a butterfly suitable for people of any age and gender.In ancient Mexico they were a symbol of the stars and flame trembling , represented the fragility and transience of stay in this world . In China, the butterfly - a family harmony, in Japan - a symbol of elegance , the Germans butterfly symbolizes rebirth. Every nation has its own way understands this elegant winged symbol . But there is a general - beauty.However, there is a more profound , historically , meaning. Moth - is easy , rebirth , renewal. From caterpillar is born winged creature resembling a flower. Caterpillar - that's life on earth , a doll - a little death , and the butterfly - the immortality of our soul , gain freedom . And of course , the moth - is the fragility of the woman ,its sophistication and beauty .

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