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Pagan tattoos have a unique beauty and appeal. Most people inflict such pictures as a talisman to call the forces of nature to protect and store your media. They are the ancient pagan gods can be shown, a variety of designs that have been used by Old Believers.Tattoos with pagan ornaments can be performed in a monochrome version and in color. To carry the solstice pagan tattoos, animals, triksel, squares, circles, rectangles, strips, runes, and various miscellaneous ornaments.

Tattoo - Slavic - oberegTatuirovka - Slavic Charm - between - lopatokslavyanskaya - tattoo -on-ruketatuirovka - in - Slavic - stileRunicheskaya - tattoo - Slavic -on- back

By runic tattoos are symbols of runes, 3, 4- angled swastika, 4- and 5- pointed star, and a complex geometric pattern. Pagan tattoo ancient Slavs used since the late Middle Ages ( runic characters in the old labeled products ).runes signs used as trade marks ( at the time they had their name " tamga " ).

Ornament elements SLAVIC tattoos

The ancient Slavs one of one of the most widely considered a symbol that meant prosperity and fertility.In the XI century the Slav tattoo got some variety in the form of notes of Catholic symbolism. Women tattooed with images of crosses, leafy and floral patterns, as well as chained plexus of different objects ( flowers, leaves, branches, green ).

For men, tattoos were portrayed primarily in orderto show the strength and power. These subjects include corona image of the heart, within which man inscription, almost aristocratic origins tattoo wearer.


The characteristic features describing Slavic tattoos include the following :

Image Gzhel painted signs ;Image Palekh painted signs ;

images from the epics and songs ;

patterns, containing a book of fine art essays Christians ;

paintings by Russian artists.

Slavic runes

Slavic runes - ancient manifestation of Slavic Literature splitters. runes signs like Asian characters, having deep historical meaning.To understand the rune requires the interpretation of each of the runes. Slavic symbols and ornaments are gradually developing area, which has great advantages for future development.

Values โ€‹โ€‹- Slavic runes

Each character has a mysterious rune image. The values โ€‹โ€‹of character contains the words : peace, rainbow, power, wind, rock, Support, Perun, the source and others. Old Believers runic writing has appeared long before the 10th century, which was marked by the adoption of the new faith. This fact indicates the archaeological site with the script applied to household appliances.

Peace Fleece is the internal state of man and his desire for calm, peace and order.Fleece rainbow symbolizes the way to the center of the universe. Runic symbol of strength applied Slavic warriors sign wind contributed to the goal, a steady climb over top. The symbol of Perun - this Rune Thunderer, storing and protect the human world from chaos.

Tattoo depicting a tree with leaves,in Slavic culture represents a symbol of life. Image of various wild animals to symbolize their power. These tattoos were portrayed with a call to purchase the quality and spirit of the animal images. Image of water, fire and the sun was symbolized as a protection amulet and the forces of nature.

Reasons for the decline, LOSS OF SLAVIC tattoosThe adoption of the new faith in the 10th century almost destroyed Slavic tattoos. Religion has become a eradicated all the ritual worship of the pagan tribes of the event. Church ministers forbade the application of tattoos as a heathen rite. Church and priests tried to protect the population of the tribe of the false prophets,calling themselves call themselves prophets and vsevidtsami and rid their people of mythical spirits power.

TATTOO Swastika

One of the most common tattoo theme on ancient Slavic Slavic swastika became a different angularity and shapes. This pattern often goes awry with a swastika Nazi Germany,which is also borrowed from the ancient peoples, therefore, to compare such things do not need to.

Tattoo Slavic subjects portrayed as a religious sign of the cross with bent clockwise ends, signifies a change, obeying the laws of nature, the environment changes - the alternation of night and day, seasons.The Old Believers comprehended the world as an uninterrupted cycle in which life is slowly going to ruin, and then reborn into a new life. Slavic swastika cult is usually depicted in the mind of at least three bends in a clockwise direction ( bends may be more ). Swastika symbolized the correct order of things in nature,namely, health and strength, sun, light and joy.

Tattoo Slavic - svastikaTatu - Slavic - rune - on - plecheTatuirovka - Slavic - ward - to - spineTatu - Slavic - rune - on - grudiEskiz - tattoo - Slavic - Swastika

Also Slavic Believers tattooed as amulets. The most powerful charms Body considered Ladinetsa image, stars,Thunderheart wheel and Kolyadniki.

TATTOO Slavic gods

To tattoo Slavic subjects are images of Slavic gods. Since before the adoption of Christianity in the Slavic Believers Unbelievers wide divine pantheon. Image Perun testified as a patron. The Slavs are preserved epics ofPerun that during the persecution of the dragon pierced his lightning ( other sources say the spear ).

To force the image unholy warriors tattooed dragons, lions and tigers. Veles protected forest, reveals the secrets of medicine and tillage. Svarog Slavic dissenters believed God of heavenly forces and the father of all creation.Yarylo symbolized the God of the sun and fertility. Drawing on the body Ladinets sign symbolizes happiness, love and harmony.

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