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Tattoos depicting parrots characterized by their brilliance. Sketch of tattoo parrot is always performed in colorful colors, and the image is applied usually on the shoulder, back or chest. In any case, such a tattoo will decorate the body of its host.

Parrots can be considered a truly unusual birds,because they alone of all wildlife species are able to reproduce human speech. Many believe that they copy human sounds quite sensible, as some individuals are able to carry on a conversation with the person.

In addition, parrots attracted attention with its bright and beautiful plumage.In humans, they are always associated with qualities such as selfishness, narcissism, pride and arrogance, desire only external beauty, mindless copying others, an excellent memory, carefree attitude to life, carefree, talkative, fun.

Symbol parrot often found in Christianity, which is mentioned in the description of paradise,and generally has a positive meaning. In addition, it is associated with the image of the Virgin Mary.

The ancient Chinese and Japanese cultures, the parrot was associated with the goddess Guanyin, which is distinguished by a special mercy.

In the culture of ancient India this symbol gave a completely different meaning, considering parrot personification of sexual desire,all erotic, sometimes associated with falling in love, and his poetry.

Some people respect the bird, considering that it has the ability to foresee and rainmaking in the drought, while others are treated with caution in the belief that the macaws sends to human folly, dependence on anything or serious illness ( Maya people ).Meaning parrot tattoo - narcissism, positive mood and the same attitude to life, burning through life. Also parrot tattoo can show its desire to support and decorate a world of reality.

Of course, this tattoo is suitable creative types, as well as people with a great sense of humor, original, sociable,charming, resilient under any circumstances, and easy -going.

Suitable tattoo with the image of a parrot for both men and women. This vivid image becomes expressive reflection of the inner world and the evidence of kindness, openness and the ability to file a helping hand in difficult situations.Popularly a tattoo in a realistic style, and in the cartoon, and most importantly, to parrot sketch tattoo was unique and painted exclusively for you.

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