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Due to the fact that Rihanna recently made ​​a new tattoo , we decided to tell you the history of occurrence of the other patterns on the body of the singer .

24 - year-old star has long been known for their love of body decoration inks , and at the moment in her collection has 19 tattoos. The first of them, Rihanna made ​​in 2006 in China on their eighteenth birthday .Tattoo is located behind the right ear and represents the astrological sign , which means " fish " . This small and elegant drawing immediately became the subject of the singer's fans who took this positive change in her appearance . It is with this tattoo for Rihanna's new era began body painting hobby .Another tattoo Rihanna became the musical notes and treble clef , located on the right foot . In memory of the journey to Australia, Barbados beauty has decided to decorate one of the sexiest body parts of a woman in such an unusual way .

The singer has decided not to stop there and went into one of the tattoo parlors in New York.There's a cute little painted Rihanna star in the cartilage of the right ear . Do you think that in this way wanted to say a celebrity society?

But with the next tattoo Rihanna did not work out very smoothly . The singer made ​​her on the right side near the hip in a phrase in Sanskrit [ ancient Indian language] , which she took from the holy Gita letters .Apply a pattern on the body of the star known master Bang Bang in her salon in New York . However, the expert on Sanskrit Mark Fielden claims that Rihanna was wrong with the translation :

Perhaps the star wanted to portray an unusual inscription on the body , which means " forgiveness , honesty , suppression and control "but this tattoo Rihanna written incorrectly.

Being in a relationship with Chris Brown , a young and successful singer took an important decision : Together with her boyfriend she had made the same tattoo on the neck in the form of stars . April 7, 2008 , this tattoo Rihanna had continued : on her back pave the entire path of the stars .And while Chris Brown and singer was destined to leave (who knows , maybe they will come together again ? ) , It's Rihanna's tattoo on the body remains forever.

The performer of hits "Only Girl" has never denied his faith in God , so when there was a phrase in Arabic, means " Freedom in God " on her body , there is little surprise .This tattoo is located on the left side of Rihanna .

But the seventh star tattoo can be seen at once. On the left index finger shows the inscription "Shhh ..." as a call for silence . Who knows, maybe the singer really use it in the case.

Eighth Rihanna tattoo dedicated to her best friend Melissa Ford .On the left shoulder she immortalized the birth date of a loved one , an image using Roman numerals . The owner of a luxurious voice and beautiful body admitted :

We made ​​the same tattoo Melissa : I wrote on the shoulder of her birth date , but it is - mine. I love it , for me it is even closer than some family members .We are like two sisters, Melissa .

On Rihanna's ankle has settled another tattoo in the form of a skull with a pretty pink bow .

On the middle finger of the left hand 24 -year-old singer mimed the word "Love" ( translated as " love" ) , showing how important for her feelings and emotions .

Being part of a world tour in New Zealand , Rihanna once again looked into tatu-Salon : this time the star depicted on the right hand Maori tribal pattern . As the singer herself admitted , it means strength and love , and she had long wanted to do a similar tattoo .

In March 2009, in Los Angeles Rihanna made ​​a rather unusual tattoo in the form of a small pistol under his right hand .In the same year the singer graced the body of a new inscription "Never a failure, always a lesson" December 8 (translated as " Never mistake , always a lesson " ) , shown under the right collarbone . This tattoo Rihanna performed backwards so she could read it in the mirror .

Another inscription on the body of the star has been shown in French. 9 August 2010-of Rihanna went to a tattoo parlor in New York, from which came out with the phrase "rebelle fleur" on her neck , which means " rebellious flower " .

In memory of the deceased 13 September 1996 rapper Tupac popular singer wrote in white ink on the phalanges "Thug Life" ( " Thug Life " ) . But recently, Rihanna has successfully brought this tattoo .For 2012 celebrity has managed to make a new four tattoos . In January, on the left thigh there was an inscription in Tibetan , which means " lover , mistress ." In March Rihanna added to the list of small cross tattoo on the left collarbone . The author of this work was still the same Bang Bang .July 17th singer shared on Twitter readers good news : Now on her right leg emblazoned bird falcon . Rihanna herself has commented on the change : "The Falcon : . Light in the darkness Even when asleep , not turning a blind eye ." Some believe this tattoo on the 18th and 17th in a row,because it was made on top of music notes and a treble clef .

And finally , in September, on the body directly under the breast Rihanna settled sweeping wings of the goddess Isis in memory of her late grandmother , who died from cancer .

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