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If you consider yourself a creative and bright person , then you are surely interested in tattoo scorpion . Despite the fact that all scorpions are very small , they are considered the most dangerous .

Many believe the scorpion epitome of stealth and attribute this to the fact that such a small creature can not simply be potentially dangerous and ,most likely on the contrary is harmless and in some ways even defenseless . But such a view is certainly not correct. So , he has the power , with which the note simply can not be ignored .

Given all this, a scorpion tattoo is considered to be dual , as some are doing it with a common goal - the protection , because they believe in something ,that the image of a scorpion has by some magical properties that are able to protect against the sting of the creature , as well as from various evil spirits and good people as well.

Some people do have a sense of internal ( subconscious ) fear after thinking about scorpions . That is why,In ancient China, their images are often used not only to protect , but also to attack .

The image of a scorpion in the form of a tattoo can be seen quite often. Often this means that the owner of the tattoo was born under this zodiac sign . Scorpio is able to combine multiple symbologies . This association with Africa ,and the association with a vengeance , death, vengeance and betrayal . Entire peoples worshiped scorpions , considering them as divine beings , messengers of performing higher will .

The Indians of South and Central America, the scorpion associated with the symbol of the Goddess - Mother , the host of the soul of the dead at the end of the Milky Way . And the ancient Egyptians believedthat the Guardian Scorpion mascot Goddess - patroness of the dead. Many African tribes believe that this spider is both a healer and killer because it can heal its own poison bite .

Christians with a biblical perspective, a scorpion - a demonic creature , in the Middle Ages it was considered a symbol of hatred,fear and deadly betrayal. Wherever live scorpions, tattoos can be seen with their image . These are the countries in the Middle East , Africa, South- East Asia. This relative of spiders for a long time won him popularity among various cultures .

For the majority of scorpion tattoos are used as amulets and talismans ,designed for protection against various evil spirits , as well as from the scorpion . It is believed that the power of the scorpion is that it scared all the supernatural and natural beings . In the world you can hear various legends associated with a scorpion and its tail. For a long time the scorpion associated with death , betrayal , pain ,danger and anger , jealousy and hatred .

These associations apparently arose from the fact that the stinger in its tail brought death to many small animals , weak and old people, children . Even today, with the image of a scorpion amulets worn for protection in Egypt and Tibet .According to Egyptian mythology the goddess Isis as his bodyguards used the enormous scorpions . Often in the mythology of other tribes scorpions guard the entrance to the gates of the underworld .

Even the hero of Greek mythology Orion was killed in battle with the scorpion died from the poison got him in the leg .In the various religions of the world there are references to the scorpion . The Bible describes the Israelites trampling underfoot scorpions as a metaphor for the victory over the " poisonous forces of the devil ." In Buddhism, the scorpion is a symbol of reconciliation , is used as a protective talisman , it can be found in the engravings , hilts of swords , personal seals .In one of the Buddhist myths of the ninth century, the king wished himself scorpions the size of a yak , and later he received them as a reward for ending the persecution of monks . In ancient Mayan culture Scorpion was associated with surgery , probably because he introduced into a stupor its prey using stinging at the end of the tail .In some tribes in Africa prepared medicated oil from the venom of the scorpion .

The Egyptians believed that praying to the goddess of scorpions , you can ease the pain during childbirth . There are many other legends , where the Scorpion appears as a positive formidable fighting unit that fights to the death , or the menacing insect - monsters .In astrology, this is the eighth sign of the zodiac , it runs from 24 October to 22 November . Those born under this sign have a reputation of being an exotic and erotic exquisite taste , which has a large sexual appetite . At the dawn of Christianity believed that the period of this zodiac sign are insurmountable sexual temptations and desires .Scorpio is the symbol of duality , it is small in size, but very dangerous . At first glance, it seems a little modest , and even harmless , but has the power to be reckoned with . Scorpion Tattoo has long been used by people as one of the forms of protection from evil spirits , bad people , and also from the sting of this creature .In nature, scorpions possess gold , brown , or black.

Therefore, many tattoo these arachnids are made in gray or black, because they emphasize how dangerous scorpion . Although these monochrome images can be mixed with other color images , symbolizing that a scorpion can not hide anywhere .There is a very wide variety of images of tattoos scorpions as a monochrome , black , or gray , and images with bright colorings .

Scorpion tattoo to depict in a realistic and unrealistic way. From realistic images are common tattoos " The Scorpion King " , gray , or black ,with shades of brown near the tail , having a slim body with large and sharp claws . From there the image unrealistic images in the form of " Red Claw " , shown in the form of red , brown , or a flower, or stone .

In Russia, often a scorpion tattoo can be found in the military , have been in the hot spots . For example,if a scorpion sting shown up , the owner of the tattoo took part in the fighting . Sometimes, instead of a sting stuffed a fist or unexploded bombs . Girls wear a tattoo with meaning , showing everyone that I'm not big , but strong. Tattoo scorpion indicates that the person is alone,and it is in a constant state of protection and insulation .

Most people at the sight of a scorpion experiencing inner fear at the subconscious level . Probably scorpion tattoo just have such an effect , as beautiful and intimidating at the same time to others.

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