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We all know that there are people in the world who 's name - " fans " . They can be loyal fans who are sitting at home watching television or are touring the country with his beloved club to support complex games , performances and other events.Many football fans by tattooing on the body to express their devotion to idols or club , as well as the ideas of the football fraternity - common egregors . In most cases, these tattoos depict the emblems of football clubs , fan groups different logos , mascots teams and many other attributes of football .Also tattoos accompanied by concise slogans and carried out in a variety of color schemes , which must match the colors and symbols of your favorite football teams .

Among football fans can find a tattoo with the image of the Celtic cross, the different runes , various pirate symbolism Biomeh , old school, different animals .Also , fans often adorn themselves in different ways stylized abbreviation in English - A.C.A.B. Tattoo translates as " ACAB - All Cops Are Bastards ." Carriers of these tattoos express their dislike of the measures , which apply law enforcement agencies to eradicate football fans . Especially their irritating action ,related to national championships between the two countries .

If we characterize those football fans , who are the bearers of tattoos , there is obtained an ambiguous situation . Well , of course , when the teams or clubs get such great support from the fans ,but if you face it - suddenly lose one's attraction to this man team or she will suffer permanent failure , or people simply change its taste, then he can not already get rid of the jewelry , it bude with him all his life . Tattoos for the fans - too radical support idols . Think before you do a tattoo thatyou'll have to carry her through life .

Fans tattoo designs and images

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