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Lately a lot of popularity and public support have tattoos on the scar . The reasons as to why people decide to decorate your body such drawings , very much. Often it is necessary to accept the fact that in certain areas of the skin for a lifetime scars , as well as a variety of scars .

It's not very nice, especially the girls interfere with scars ,especially since they can be on the beautiful parts of the body , which can be demonstrated . After all, as the saying goes , men adorn the scars . For such cases, it is safe to fill tattoo .

Most want to disguise the ugly line , or dent , which disfigure the skin , post-surgical scars , burns or injury . Important to remember,that not all scars can prick drawings . Therefore, before going to the tattoo parlor , you must consult your doctor , he will tell you how to be better .

The main feature is the condition of the scar , the skin should be sure to heal, to layer of the epidermis had to cover the affected area .The degree of healing the painful process of tattooing and the type of drawing will depend .

Each technology is designed for three-layer structure and the strength of the skin , because the connective scar tissue is not a good material for the master , which is why there is a danger that the picture will not quite the same as would be desirable .It is better to be patient and allow the wound to heal completely , carefully pick up the interior, consult with the master . Make sure that this person has repeatedly worked with scars , look at his work . The most demanded design tattoos - these sketch scars on their hands , because they are injured more often.Besides arms are always open to outsiders by close contact .

Ask the master to make a sketch of the figure, so that it can successfully hide the scar , work on color variations . Connective tissues perceive the ink a little differently , be prepared in advance to an unexpected outcome.

Design tattoos , which will hide the scar ,all experienced specialists develop , including the client's wishes , but some can make their creative interpretation , using the experience . Such people have to work very carefully, to be more fantasy . The only way a tattoo can be a real work of art to be proud owner of a pattern of underwear .Sometimes the wizard may offer not disguise a scar , and enhance the effect of torn skin , try to beat it in color . However, this option is more suitable for men . Girls need to think about other figures :

- On the leaves or flowers ,

- Tattoo butterflies ;

- Birds and other animals ;

- About the symbols and ornaments .In fact, through the disguise scars tattoos should be called a necessary measure . Unfortunately , there is no other alternative methods that can quickly and permanently relieve the person of scars . Even laser resurfacing leaves small traces , although the focus on the scar is greatly reduced .The effectiveness of any therapy also depends on each person's skin , it heredity. For some people, tattoos may be the last chance to make the body beautiful. But sometimes the tattoo can not go to the benefit of the owner , in most of the psychological aversion tattoos in society.

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