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Today, popular among the youth series " Supernatural ." At the main characters the Winchester brothers, the series has a tattoo on his chest in the form of a five-pointed star . Tattoo 2 hard drives on a portal Tattoorussia.ruOna becoming more and more popular among young people .In the film, this tattoo drives means protection against demons and evil spirits . It is very nicely located on the chest of each brother. In the series, the Winchesters brothers hunt demons , evil spirits caught . This is their family business .

In fact, there is a ritual in many nations . When a boy is initiated into a man ,he applied the tattoo as a protection against evil spirits . Boy stuffing on the chest magic signs . That's what drives the tattoo .

Just a tattoo - the amulet is applied as protection for certain types of professions whose members risk their lives . Do these tattoos rescuers , soldiers , miners .

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