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Treble clef in the art of tattooing and its value does not describe quite simply because this tattoo is a relatively new and very modern . Although the treble clef symbol originated in Italy in the middle of the eleventh century , the tattoo with the keys appeared only at the beginning of the twentieth century .Therefore, the value of the treble clef tattoo is only now being formed. Treble clef in the tattoo , as a means of self-expression , is very well suited to creative people , life and work are closely connected with music.

Meaning tattoo clef mainly narrates that her carrier has dedicated his life to creativity ,and declares that "the music is always with me ."

In music and in a tattoo , there are three varieties of treble clef , which have a different image :

- The key " G " on the key notes are written for violin , piano , percussion , and the majority of wind instruments , vocal women's parties .As a kind of Old French can be called a key ( no longer used ) .

- The key " F " or bass clef , it is written Cello , Double Bass , and Bassoon , vocals and bass baritone .

- Key "before" or alto key on it is written the music for viola and trombone .Another purpose for the treble clef tattoo was a reminder of the last happy life of the past years of youth and joy . Therefore, some people such a tattoo can become a sign of boredom . In the area of ​​the treble clef tattoo is too funny , wild life at large.

This symbol tattoo was an expression of boundless love for music ,and may be perceived as a call to action .

Treble clef can be a good female tattoo , he often painted in the decomposition of other female characters , although he looks good in men . This tattoo has caused well-known musicians and many stars of domestic and world of show business .

Treble clef tattoo designs and images

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