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Today, tattooing - is an art , a separate layer of culture . Making a tattoo , man thereby making the world a promise , referring to the uniqueness and originality of his personality . In European culture, the violin - is a symbol of man's belonging to the world of art , music .For this tattoo with a high probability it is possible to determine a creative person .

If you move away from the musical context , the violin - it is a symbol of human vulnerability , his complex relationship with the environment . Violin strings - a string of soul that responds to the tone given by the outside world .

Tattoo with violin image ,Made in the style of steam- park - it is a symbol of tender vulnerable soul , which is hidden under a rough and sometimes aggressive shell. Tattoos depicting violin quite often done by women , and in this case the value of the tattoo violin is this: the fragility , vulnerability , graceful graceful beauty .

Today, tattooing is a true art form .It is used to personalize , highlight themselves in the crowd , and also can carry a deeper meaning or idea . Tattoo violin is widespread among creative people , and of musicians . This tattoo can be seen on many of the popular and well-known performers and composers .But a very different meaning has a tattoo of a violin on the area . In the criminal environment , it means gay men , and on the body of the girl symbolizes her weak-willed . But we should remember that the main significance and meaning in the tattoo made ​​only by the holder .

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