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Water - it's life , with this view argue no one will. It is very difficult to live without it , but it is simply impossible . It not only covers a quarter of the land , but also is a component of the human body . Master tattoo also could not avoid the topic of water . People who have it is engraved on its body , its value is interpreted in different ways.Some show their attitude to the water element . They work by scuba divers , are sailing , love fishing , while others invest in this tattoo special meaning .

By decoding the symbolism of water , notice a certain mystique. On the one hand it gives people's lives , and the second can take it away . It can put out the fire , but to generate a tsunami .The water can take any form , in a vessel of her pour her , such a form and turn . So that's a tattoo , the meaning of some can immediately solve , and some force to smash his head .

Tattoos, where water plays a central role , is very old, but do not lose their relevance at the same time . Water dragon protects streams, rivers .In Asia, in the form of a tattoo using water and waves .

Water symbolizes for life changes and purity , it is the essence of life . Almost all the legends once again show that the origin of our world is also associated with water . Cleansing the value of water is proved in the fact that it is a symbol of baptism , purifies people from their sins ,It encourages people to new achievements .

That water can bypass any obstacles it symbolizes her wisdom , intelligence, ability to find a way out of any situation , contemplation .

Particular importance is attached to the tattoo , made in the form of the element of water : rain , dew, wave, droplet . All of this is sent over .Images of rain - this descent with the blessing of heaven and purification , wisdom , life, health .

Much can be learned about a person who is on the body image of dew . This figure , a symbol of a new day of enlightenment . Rosa brings purity and enlightenment. Her portrayal of the human body shows that the owner of the tattoo is doing well in all things ,he prefers to disperse peacefully , than , start showdown .

But at the same time drawing in the form of drops of dew it shows that a person has suffered loss , suffering and sad about it.

If we talk about the tattoo in the form of a wave , then it is a talisman . It protects its owner from evil thoughts , attack envy . Wave - a natural guardian ,which will save , save and help . If the body is shown not a single wave , but three , the protection comes from the three worlds .

As you can see , water tattoos and its components in the form of tattoos , bears only the most positive moments . So decide for yourself which of the elements of water you want to see on his body . Selecting large, so it's easy to pick up,the picture that will show your inner state and your desire . But another tip before you apply a tattoo on your body , think about whether you need it , and what size picture you want to see . Only after much deliberation , go to the tattoo parlor .

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