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Ant - his image worn on your body is ready to absolutely everyone. First of all, it is not very remarkable from this type of establishment. But, despite this, the ant is very much revered in many different countries. The Chinese think that the ant is a symbol of justice, Estonians see it as a good news postman. Ant,This establishment, which, despite its insignificant size, has lived and worked continuously. Ant also can afford to stuff themselves people who love order and cleanliness.

The tattoo, which depicts one or more ant has a leading position among other tattoos.

Ants impress with their work ethic,alignment and cohesion of their community. It can be a symbol of good deeds, of fairness and justice, the ability to limit their lives. Some backgammon ant is an insect totem.

However, Ant has other values ​​- restlessness and inability to see the most important and essential.

Yet, often, when doing tattoo Antthat emphasize its positive significance - hard work, endurance, ability to work on the result, a good organization and the ability to calculate the action a few steps forward.

Most often perform Ant red, black or blue, they can be depicted as a whole, and only one head.

Ant tattoo designs and images

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