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Tattoos of celebrities are rarely motivated by a semantic rather as a part of the image , the stage image . Now , it is difficult to find a celebrity who has not been to any tattoo . Someone seriously refers to the selection of topics tattoo , but for some it becomes yet another PR move .

Johnny Depp , for example ,He has numerous tattoos all over his body , as he says each of his tattoos associated with a certain event of his life . Another example is Angelina Jolie, who has for tattoo real passion . All of her tattoos are specific deeper meaning . According to the actress , she does not know how many tattoos on her body . According to official dataFor more than 13 units have , however, most likely, they are much more. For the actress tattoos can be called a life story , the best , memorable moments .

First tattoo Jolie became the character "death" , made on the left shoulder . Since the actress has always been defeated fatalism , a mystical image she chose on purpose. True,after a while she brought the tattoo , to remake it in Khmer spells good luck and prosperity . The biggest tattoo Angelina - in the lumbar region a large Asian tiger , but the most important may be called the coordinates of places where her children were born . The tattoo is on the left hand of the actress .

In the famous footballer 's wife , Victoria Beckham ,Body You can also find a couple of tattoos . At the waist placed 5 eight-pointed star , symbolizing the children , her husband and herself . The second tattoo is a Hebrew inscription dedicated to David . True to her in honor of a loved one is not a pity to stuff the initials on his left wrist and make the words " Together Forever" and in Hebrew .On the left side of Hayden Panettiere is an inscription in Italian , as the actress has Italian roots . However, the inscription made ​​in error, and instead of a life without regrets «Vivere senza rimpianti», she received another effect , becoming a life with regrets .

At Scarlett Johansson has a tattoo that she came up with herself in 2007 .On the inner part of the arm of actress arranged the sun , drifting over the sea at sunset . For serious tricks she hides the tattoo using the tonal resources . On the right wrist a drawing god Thor 's hammer , melnir , which means speed, lightness and irresistible . In 2012, Scarlett made ​​the inscription " Lucky " on the other hand.

Rihanna ,probably more tattoos than awards. Gossips talk about a wide variety of 20 tattoos on the body of the singer . On the right you can see the foot note, and on the nape of the neck to the middle of the back on the track of the body scattered Stars. On the left side there is an Arabic inscription . Rihanna Tattoos carry specific meaning and very important to her .Alyssa Milano surprised everyone not only acting talent , but also luxurious with tattoos on his body. In total it has eight tattoos , the first of which she did at a young age . This tattoo is located in the abdomen , it is presented in the form of fairies - the mascot of fate that could define human life.However, the most striking tattoo actress can be called sacred heart tattoo , located on the lower back . The image expresses the romance of nature and femininity owner.

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