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Why are so many people attracted to flowers tattoo ?

If we talk about women's tattoos , the first thing that comes to mind - a tattoo with the image of flowers . What good is this option , so it is that in the catalog of modern tattoo parlor , each woman will be able to choose the most suitable for themselves the form of a flower . It also should be noted , and then ,each flower carries its highly individual sense overtones.

So, for example , Lily has always been considered a symbol of purity ( for some , this flower symbolizes the passionate and sometimes even erotic love) . Lotus on the contrary - nothing ( at least explicitly ) to do with love and a sense of love is not , as the symbol of good luck ,peace and rebirth.

Some preferred compositions combine several kinds of colors . It is this version of the tattoos is able to tell about its owner ( in particular its future and present) a lot of interesting things. Another indisputable advantage of tattoos of flowers is considered and thatthat in its composition (meaning of the bouquet ) can enter quite different in their appearance according to the flowers . They may be different in size , design and even color , thus creating a unique , vibrant and very colorful colors .

Tattoos depicting flowers are very decorative and look great on the body.But they can carry a still and a very deep sense of lurking . In the minds of most people, a flower embodies the full force and beauty of nature , he expresses the cycle of life from birth to death and births , a flower is a symbol of continuous regeneration. In the different world cultures gave certain colors different content. For example,in the East lotus flower has always had great spiritual significance , the same role played by the West rose. In addition, a certain meaning of the color of one and the same flower . So White - represents purity , red - passion , in some circumstances , the blood of Christ .

Flower in the form of a cup ,having a passive role when fertilization has always embodied the feminine.

Symbolism different colors today heavily not fully known. You can find a lot of interesting facts regarding different colors in numerous sources - from folklore to literature and mythology, a variety of colors of secrets stored there .Ancient healers and herbalists claim that the flowers are not the only attribute for decoration and adornment of life , they are used for the treatment of patients , can bring joy to the last person , departing from life.

Throughout his life, flower pleases us with its inimitable shape and color , it gives a delicate aroma . Flowers ,as women's names have become symbols of beauty and health , they are expressing at the same time more and nobility , serenity , elegance. They not only admired the man at all times , but they themselves become the subject of imagination. Amazing color quality gave rise to many myths , tales , legends , where the characters live , which come as the flowers themselves ,have one with them in nature.

As known to everyone rose, iris has its own peculiar disposition , and at the same time , perceived as a very deep character. Just think , the Greek goddess Iris was occupied by usual transfer of female souls in hell . Naturally, since the goddess gave such opportunities ,Iris is perceived not only as a flower associated with death. Here Iris and he carried some degree of positivity . She always brought good news and good communication. Three petals of this flower express faith , wisdom and courage .

Christians perceive the three petals of the iris as a symbol of the Holy Trinity . Be-blue colors flower Christians has always been associated with the Virgin Mary . Archangel Gabriel at the meeting with the Virgin Mary was holding the flower expressing purity. Somewhat different attitude to the flower in England during the Middle Ages . He seemed the epitome of dignity, and often the image of the iris can be found on the personal seals koeone of noblewomen . In France, the iris image comes into heraldic print somewhere in the 5th century AD.

Violet , hyacinth, daffodil - the names of the primroses were taken from Greek myths . Since violet is named after the nymph Io , which passionately loved Zeus .Small modest violets are loved by all and at all times of the unique color and mouthwatering flavor. In medieval literature to violet treated as a way of true love and a sound mind. But in Roman times it was considered citizens of violet flower , used in the funeral , they symbolized peace.And in our time, the purple color carries a tragic line .

Poppy Anemone and also how to relate to the death , with a dream . In England, the poppies are a symbol of the fallen during the last two world wars . And anemone , as stated in one of the Greek myths , was formed from the tears of Aphrodite mourning the dead Adonis .

Taturovka flowersFrom another Greek legend , it follows that the flower was turned Anemone nymph , who loved the goddess of spring Flora's husband , for which she transformed the nymph into a magnificent spring flower .

In the medieval tradition anemone taken to ascribe very different qualities related to the protection from evil .

Simple and unpretentious flowers are daisies ,snowdrops and bells. But they were the subject of inspiration sets of representatives of the creative intelligentsia , of all time . Many artists and poets praised the flowers , but they had and negative features in the existing tradition. Daisy has always been a symbol of innocence . Bells symbolize fidelity in love ,but could bring bad luck if they disrupt . Also snowdrop - a symbol of the rebirth of nature after winter cold , is poisonous and bringing bad luck to the house .

The language of flowers was passionate lovers arms, lovers at a time when the harsh laws of decency forbade the lady to show clear signs of attention. Bouquet sometimes could be a code ,brings an important message . Particularly successful Victorians in the color development of the language . Carnation , primrose , honeysuckle - could talk about something very special , being present in a given composition of the bouquet . White Carnation served note of sensuality , was a symbol of love and engagement , it is often used as a wedding flower .Yellow carnation was a sign of failure , and the red point to the painful passion. Honeysuckle spoke of eternal love , and its unique aroma dreams evoked a passion about the subject . If you received an offer to take a bunch of small -flowered primrose , which from the point of view of the Norwegian goddess Freya were sacred , meant arisen first love .Tattoos of flowers are very beautiful , carry a large charge of femininity . They can be given a different meaning. So Lily - the recognized symbol of purity , but many put the image of this flower meaning of erotic love . But Lotus is always expressed in the images of success, and the revival of the world . Bouquet on the skin can tell a lot about a person carrying it.The man who gave the promise of first love, loyalty can make a tattoo in the form of a siren surrounded by ivy . A brave and lucky person will approach a tattoo around the arm in the form of an ornament of dolphins and flowers of Madagascar jasmine .

Tattoos of flowers extremely diverse both in the selection of the image object in meaning tattoosand in its decoration. It is also possible to create a large number of different compositions with colors. They can be as simple as a small flower may have a considerable size and rise upwards. We can assume that the most exciting design can be a tree with flowers, black , blue , red ,blooming on its branches .

Meaning of tattoo colors can be significantly enhanced when combined color images with images of leaves , which carry a meaning.

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