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For a start it should be noted that the value of a cherry tattoo is very different from the value of the tattoo of cherry blossoms . If the latter symbolizes the quivering tenderness, spiritual beauty , love high , the association with the cherries are more sexual innuendo . Sketches of tattoos with cherries tend to be simple and uncomplicated .

First of all,cherry symbolizes femininity and beauty. Juicy berries ripe cherry compared with women's lips . Ripe cherry - a symbol of femininity , maturity. Depicted berry on a branch - a sign of purity , naivety , youth ; while torn from the branch cherry is a symbol of virginity loss.

The total value of the cherry tattoo - the desire , the desire to something oror , thirst and abundance. Cherry, which caress languages ​​flame is burning passion to some degree lust. Cherries in cream symbolizes prosperity, sweet life .

The color of the berries is very important . Pale pink cherry , berry bright colors symbolize childish , something childish attitude to life . Bright ,saturated tattoo says about wisdom, the maturity of its owner along with immorality and lust .

Other cherry talking about an extraordinary , creative mind the tattoo wearer . Sketches of tattoos cherries often are women , but there are variations in men . Often they are not a single berry , and the whole composition.Of course, it will be difficult to find a unique sketch of a tattoo in the form of cherries , so just ask your master to make the original drawing .

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