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Most often, a man who has a tattoo already associated with a criminal record . This is not surprising , after all , about ten thousand criminal tattoos have a meaning , and especially popular with people who are in trouble with the law. For the " prisoners ' tattoos , or other " tattooed " , is of great significance and meaning.According to the " tattoo " of the criminal world of people can read their biographies , as well as to know the place they occupy in the criminal hierarchy. Often, these tattoos do that directly indicate that they belong to a particular crime and position in society . Usually they are applied to the body part that is not covered by clothing ( fingers, hands ) .For the typical patterns that cause criminals are important motives or reasons for applying the tattoo . These include self-assertion in a particular group of prisoners , the desire to show their importance and superiority over others . Sometimes it is an attempt to imitate any criminal authority .Analysis of criminal tattoos shows that samples on which they are applied , change regularly , because unambiguous wording of tattoos is not always possible . And the same is not possible to determine the classification tattoo . Firstly, there is a great abundance and variety of causes and motivation image selection , the subject of a very rich ,as well as the places and techniques for drawing images . Secondly, the prisoners do not always want to advertise the hidden meaning of their tattoos .

If you have no criminal record , it is not necessary to make a tattoo with the criminal value . Otherwise , if you notice a tattoo of the underworld people , you will have a very severe punishment.

Criminal tattoos designs and images

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