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In a previous article , we examined in detail the tattoos depicting dogs . Today let's talk about the particular case - a tattoo with the image of a Doberman . He is considered a strong , aggressive, but at the same time faithful and devoted friend . For his master's such a dog is a helper and support.

As is the case with other pets ,Doberman tattoo can be done directly in the sign of love for your pet , including , departed from life. The relationship between man and dog is incredibly powerful . This is truly committed to each other friends, relationships which are sincere and disinterested .

Speaking of tradition and cultural characteristics of different countries,You can talk about the mystical meaning of the tattoo Doberman . It is believed that the image of black dog - a sign of people with psychic abilities . Magee , wizard , witches , shamans and psychics believe in the esoteric properties of the symbol . Should we keep this in mind before going to the tattoo parlor ? I think no.

HOW TO VIEWMost private images warrant any dog ​​- a grin , that is kind of grinning muzzle . This case - is no exception . Tattoo grin Doberman , as well as in the case of the pit bull , evokes fear, feelings of insecurity and anxiety . Often, the owner of a tattoo becomes more self-confidence , a kind of strength and courage. In addition to grin ,photos in our gallery you will see a picture of a Doberman head with calm and cool features . This type of image radiates wisdom , serenity , inner strength .

It is important to mention that having a tattoo on any additional elements can give a different meaning and significance . For example, girls can add to the picture Doberman flowers,butterflies or birds . Naturally, this will soften the harsh appearance of the animal.

As for colors , Doberman - black dog , and his portrayal of the human skin , usually prevails dark color palette . However , the presence of contrasting bright colors of red or green can be an interesting way to change the picture.

WHERE stuff ?Traditionally Doberman tattoo placed on their sides , chest or shoulder . Such a plot is suitable rounded part of the body . This is not a panacea , you can come up with a variety of options of how to arrange the picture of a dog on his body . Taking a picture of a miniature , it can be placed behind the ear , on the ankle or wrist .It all depends on your imagination and skill of the artist .

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