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A man with a tattoo is always visible in the crowd : tattoo adds intrigue image , emphasizes the individuality of its owner . At the same time , the tattoo - it's not just a picture , which can be simply washed off. What you should know about tattoos before you do them?

Before consulting the master of tattoos to remember is the master - is an expert in ,a tattoo will look on your or another body . Always listen to the master and do not argue with him !

The need for physical , emotional and intellectual maturity. We recommend to do a tattoo at the age of 20 years . The concept of a cool tattoo is likely to change over time , so remember ,the tattoo is for life.

Never copy other people's tattoos or images protected by copyright - a disrespect for these people and craftsmen who made them (if registered ) .

Small tattoos are not usually contain a lot of detail , and the likelihood of their damage over time is higher .A small number of individuals develop allergic reactions to certain pigments used in inks, and latex gloves which are used tattoo master. If you have reason to believe that you are one of them , discuss it with a pre- master to decide how to avoid unpleasant consequences .

Think about the theme and message of the tattoo ,that it will send to potential viewers . Carefully consider the choice of images that will adorn your body throughout life , and make sure that you are aware of all the possible consequences .

For the perfect tattoo from an experienced master can require a lot of patience , commitment and trips. Decide whether the game is worth the candle ,before you ask for the selected master to dedicate their time and energy on your project .

Learn about the pain and discomfort . Yes, tattooing - it's painful , but art is long , and the pain is temporary.

Souvenir tattoo made ​​during vacation or travel , to capture those memories may be potentially risky ,especially in the tourist "Mecca" . We advise you not to do tattoos in places .

Assess your working life and getting a job . Many companies apply a strict policy against tattoos , at least on the visible parts of the body . So if you care , consider the possible consequences in advance.Make sure that you know how to care for a tattoo with her ​​healing . One must always carefully follow the instructions of the tattoo master , and after healing apply strong sunblock to a tattoo , if it is exposed to sunlight .

If the money factor significantly affect your decision to tattoo ,Express your views in advance, so that the time of payment did not have any unpleasant surprises and disputes . But remember that good tattoos are not cheap and cheap tattoos are not good .

Do not hesitate too long over whether or not to make a tattoo . After all, life and can fly . It will be a shame to catch myself thinking that the tattoo you have not done .

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