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Gay guy or not? How do you know if it does not exist on websites or applications ?

I noticed a few signs , especially the ubiquitous among gay men .

1. If a guy aged 30+ regularly goes to the gym , it is likely that he was gay .

Naturals also periodically visits the idea to enroll in fitness, but they are , as a rule,long there is not delayed : their motivation is not as strong . At the same cult gay sports figures . Of course, at any age and with any body you will be able to find at least someone who priglyaneshsya , but to widely katirovatsya on the gay market - ebash in the hall .

2. Beard

A very popular item appearance in the gay media . Yes, now all fully bearded .There are many among straights , so this feature should always be used in conjunction with others.

3. iPhone ( geyfon , as my friend )

Have you ever paid attention to how many gay fotochek with iPhones ? A quick scrolling shown - about 40 % . Actually it is just for the category gay, watching a ( walking to the gym ) .Among them geyfony - generally a wholesale phenomenon.

( Almost all of the photos taken at gyms geyfony )

4. Briefs

About Calvin Klein, AussieBum Andrew Christian and I will not even talk . Everyone knows about the weakness of gays to the coward .

5. Tattoos

What percentage of your friends straight Immersed tattoos ? (Not rough armermeyskie ,and tattoos as decoration ) . I have no more than 10. Although I communicate mainly with natural specimens , and know fully. And how many gay men have tattoos ?

Around half . Of course, having a tattoo - it's not svedetelstvo gomosesualizma . And here we come to the main point:

How to identify a gay ?

All previous features were indirect. They only pointed out ,that guy , maybe gay, but does not guarantee it .

But if you collect all these features together : 30+ guy goes in for sports , has a beard or stubble , geyfonom enjoys , and he has a tattoo - it's almost guaranteed to be rear-drive character .

You can get acquainted! Do you have all the chances .

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