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Tattoo infinity sign refers to the simplest designs to be applied to the body, but it can carry a deep meaning, because infinity itself - is not just a mathematical symbol, but truly magical sign. Sketches tattoo infinity sign painted not only as a simple turned eight,and in various embodiments with the addition of other symbols or inscriptions.

The origin of this sign is associated not with the mathematical sciences, as many think. For the first time this symbol was used in rock engravings in the territory of Tibet, and portrayed a snake biting its own tail itself. According to legend, it was called a snake Ouroboros,and its main desire was to swallow himself, but his body length has steadily increased and the larger the piece, he tried to eat, the more grow back. And these efforts have continued for ages. Thus the sign came to symbolize the union of the beginning and the end.The value of infinity tattoo - a human desire to live without any restrictions, as the sign of infinity itself indicates the impossibility to put the border. Also, such a tattoo can mean constant growth, an ongoing process of self-development, the eternal desire to move forward and not stand still.Such a pattern for a tattoo often choose for themselves confident people and the representatives of creative professions.

In theology infinity spiral means unlimited and the inability to know everything, the eternal pursuit of comprehension of God and the inability to implement it.Philosophical science associates this symbol with an immeasurable time and space, says the infinity of nature and the vastness of its creative power.

The most common sign sketch tattoo infinity its owner puts its own special meaning. For some, this may mean a sign of infinite love or life is solitude, and to someonethis symbol is a reminder of the past and the future.

Many people choose a tattoo for themselves, putting in her sense of the impossibility of knowledge of our world, the eternity of life and countless possible rebirth. infinity tattoo often do couples, thus confirming the infinite love and loyalty to each other.Tattoo infinity would be appropriate to look at any part of the body, but most often it can be found on the wrist.

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