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Do tattoos Orthodox people who have a deep faith in God and are Christians. These tattoos are considered drawings in the form of crosses, and the faces of the saints.

By the way, in the Bible there is one commandment, which denies the patterning on the human body. However, this does not prevent Christian believers to practice their faith in this way. Many,causing the body to such a tattoo, guided by ancient custom, pilgrims who made ​​the Jerusalem church, wearing it on the body image of the cross is not prohibited.

In the Jerusalem church congregation has its own ritual that has existed for many centuries. Pilgrims who visited the Holy Land,on arrival home made ​​a mark on his body as an image of the Orthodox cross, Jesus Christ or the Virgin Mary.

It is worth noting that virtually every religion has applied to the customs body images of revered beings or gods. Thus, man is shown belonging to a particular faith,Orthodox also a tattoo is a talisman against evil and curses.

Traditionally, Orthodox cross is worn around the neck, but the tattoo with this subject can be found most often in the shoulder or wrist.

There is another variety of this type of tattoos - these are texts of prayers or scriptures of the sacred books, such inscriptions painted on the ribs, arm, chest or shoulder.Previously believed that the cross painted on the body is able to protect against injury. He drew on his chest on the left side, to protect the heart from a spear.

Orthodox tattoo in the form of icons began to do in the Middle Ages, as a rule, it was a picture of Jesus, the apostle Peter, George and Mary.When applied to orthodox tattoos have to follow some rules :

• Do not paint the image of Jesus crucified on the cross, because that way people can move themselves suffering saint ;

• Do not do the Orthodox tattoo on an intimate place, if after all this was done, it is necessary to confess to the priest.In scripture, it indicated that the human body - is the divine image and it is not necessary than ever to pollute.

Of course, do not have a tattoo or individually for each case. Yet before the application is good to think about to do things. After all, we must put our faith necessarily show, most importantly, that it is inside.

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