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What we think , when we see a beautiful , original , and, most importantly , successfully performed a tattoo ? Surely , most of us think : "I want the same! " . But not all have the courage . Someone decides that it is not for him , and someone comes to the master and fills something of such things . But the one and the other does not hurt to know some facts about tattoos ,especially since the myths and misconceptions abound about tattoo art .

In Russian tattoo rather new trend in art . And this is due to the fact that the birth of this art had on the development of the criminal world and was originally a tattoo were inherent in this particular environment.And only in the late nineties of the last century the decoration of his body by tattoos become widespread .

The types of tattoos

Now, the art of tattooing to the height of fashion . This is a separate layer of the beauty industry . And several varieties of tattoos : permanent, temporary and cosmetic ( permanent makeup ) .

Temporary tattoo

But,the assurances of experts , the real tattoo can only be considered cosmetic and constant . Because the temporary tattoo ( Bio - tattoo ) on the execution of the technique is fundamentally different from these two . If temporary tattoos applied with a brush pattern on the skin , as a pigment used henna and, depending on its type ,picture color may be different shades of green and red . This tattoo lasts 1-2 weeks and after this period it begins to gradually fade and become blurred and indistinct . And it looks pretty messy . Therefore, we recommend a regular pattern renovate . This type of tattoo is very popular among teenagers.However, doctors often recommend do not bio - tattoo , as in the mixture include paraphenylenediamine pigmenting substance that may cause allergy , skin diseases .

Permanent tattoo

As permanent tattoo , the pigment in this case is inserted deep beneath the skin into the adipose tissue. The procedure is painful ,especially if the fat layer is very thin and close to the bone . But as they say , beauty demands victims . So, you will have to wait . But it is the most suitable option for those who want the drawing was on the skin for life. Listen to the advice of experts : choose a place for a tattoo that does not come across your eyes often ,You do not figure so tired . For example, look great tattoo made ​​on his shoulder , neck , back, waist .

Cosmetic tattoo

But cosmetic tattooing - a lot of modern women . Resorted to her ladies in the case when they want to save time on the application of makeup . Most often draw arrows on the eyelids , lips outline a clear outlineThey emphasize the eyebrows. However , every year and a half permanent make-up is necessary to renovate and adjust .

Safety first

But no matter what kind of tattoo you choose, it is important to remember safety. And, of course , the tattoo is best done only in the cabin . Yes, now the newspaper and Internet are full of advertisements from the masters that make the tattoo at home .But do not use their services . As a rule, their services are cheaper ( but not much ) , but there is no guarantee of proper quality performance and sterile instruments. And if the result of such a master you are not satisfied , you will have to redo the work already in the cabin and this procedure will cost you quite a substantial sum .Not to mention the fact that in the event of damage to your health , you may have to recover for a long time . Therefore , it is better not to risk it and remember that the miser pays twice.

tattoo removal

If you want to get rid of tattoos in general , you know - do it without leaving a trace on the skin , will not work .Since the pattern is pigment in the deep layers of the skin , after his removal laser scar size will exceed the size of the drawing. I.e. Bringing a tattoo , you lose part of the skin.

Therefore , deciding to get a tattoo , go to the selection of the figure most responsible .Do not succumb to a sudden impulse to do a tattoo for the rest of the back , depicting the Valkyrie on a fiery horse , or an ensemble of emoticons . Remember, it's for life . It is today you are a lover of motorcycles and parkour , and the father of the family tomorrow, and deputy director of a solid company , that today you are the girl - student, addicting and gothic rock ,and tomorrow - elementary school teacher and mother of two children. And imagine how embarrassing situations may arise due to the pattern of the Celtic cross on a neck or a bracelet of skulls .

Tattoo - a reflection of your inner self It may just be a beautiful pattern on the memory some important event in your life , and can become an amuletThat brings you luck . Do not take a hasty decision . Listen to your intuition . And you toga certainly become the owner of a tattoo , at the sight of which will appear in others the thought : "I want the same! " .

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