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Today, tattoos have become very popular among the population of the planet . Slavic tattoo increase popularity among connoisseurs of ethnic motives . This is due to the growth of respect and patriotism for their country , with the definition of itself as an ancestor of his people .

In ancient times, tattoos were of great importance ,among the Slavs , they were regarded as traditional decorations . Unfortunately , science has not been able to find any physical evidence to see pictures of tattoos , because there are no graves of ancestors , which would retain the skin well to consider normal tattoo.

However, some literature sources ,describing Slavic customs, prove that the dragon was present in all cultural manifestations of the people. There are a few similar stories that mention Perun , piercing a dragon with his spear or lightning. This story is often found in ancient chronicles , in the Novgorod carving on bones , so you can easily apply itself like a tattoo .All Slavs worshiped a variety of wizards , ghosts , goblins , brownies and Bannikov , because they believed that fantastic creatures live alongside them in the neighborhood . Some characters were afraid , and bowed loved ones . Therefore, subject fantastic character loomed in tattoos .It is also the place to be all the images of birds and animals from the ancient folklore, decorative art .

Returning to the descendants of Slavs , pay attention to the representatives of the Russian remote rural areas . Some elderly may have a tattoo in the form of a chessboard , it is often they call "morning" .Meaning of tattoos associated with alternating dark and white bands in life . Often, the pattern can be decorated with other elements .

Yes, there is no such Slavic tattoos , images that are applied to the body in this style originate from Scythian patterns , as well from the Russian ornaments that adorn the old books,popular in Russian traditional painting styles. Such a mixture of historic cultures gives interesting results , which do not look like anything else .

Slavic culture in tattoos is just beginning to emerge , it incorporates elements of Russian folklore and transmits the details of some of the decorations on the clothing . patternstransmitted in the form of tattoos , often inspired by the drawings , which are located on the archaeological finds that have been painted with a diamond pattern and braided cross . Slavic style of tattoo is a huge spread and meets all the needs of customers with an interest in this type of image .There is no doubt - the Slavs in the beginning used tattoos for social and public , for religious , religious and personal goals . Symbolism was a way to deal with someone else's faith and other traditions , so many people are now trying the same method to express their attitude to what is happening in their lives .

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