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The tattoo gun is equally suitable for men and women . However, the weak half of humanity prefers fine and small images (often a circuit with almost the planned relief ) , supplemented by various female characters , whether it be flowers , patterns or words . Sketch of tattoo gun is performed both in color and in blackwhite execution and usually applied on the forearm or thigh , as well as other body parts.

If you have firmly decided to stuff on your body image , you need to start to find out what it means. Pistol - one of the most popular tattoos today . This wizard equally often " stuffed " as daring Colt and vintage revolver .Tattoo - is both an expression of a vital position , and a method of body decoration . Many refer to these signs lightly , but a tattoo is able to influence the fate and the future of man. Merging with the skin , it kind of becomes a part of human nature . There is a belief that the tattoo can not be deleted ,because they are able to avenge this former master .

Men prefer big guns traced to details. And most of these images are " blanks ", ie . E . , Without any add-ons in the form of words or drawings. An exception is the only tattoo "blood for treason "came to modern life as a prison tattoo , and representing the image of a gun and roses .

Meaning Tutu "gun" is intuitive for everyone. She embodies the daring , courage , emancipation and absolute confidence. It also serves some and protest and a challenge to society ,passing in a complete indifference to his representatives . The value of women's tattoo in common with the men's value - this audacity , independence , inner confidence and emotional strength .

Those who are selected as the sketch of tattoo gun - people are always putting themselves just above the others.These individuals often have extraordinary talents and a powerful intellect . That intelligence is aversion to empty worldly laws and orders , running counter to human nature . This implies a kind of protest and denial of authority .

However, there is another category of people who have chosen a similar pattern as the tattoo . Personalitytending toward anarchy , often embittered and aggressive , and will choose a gun as additional protection and to demonstrate rejection to the others.

There are many other reasons for which a person can choose it in favor of the gun . The essence of the tattoo , ultimately , it will have the meaningwhich it gives its owner .

Analyze your inner world , so in the future, feel comfortable in your body , feel the harmony with the tattoo. After the tattoo - a continuation of your being .

Gun tattoo designs and images

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