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The Earth - is one of the primary elements of the universe , and is a key defendant in astrology and other occult sciences . If we look at ancient Greece , it was the guardian of the earth goddess Gaia .

Originally, the land is considered a symbol of women , as opposed to the sky , and therefore endowed with passive characteristics.Meaning tattoo earth can communicate with both fertility and rich harvest , and death . Many epic heroes took with them on the field of battle a handful of earth - mother . It was believed that in this way the native land will give them the strength to smash the enemy .

And now, this belief is quite common . It is believed that walking barefoot ,especially on the dewy grass , you are able to charge the Earth's energy. Therefore, it is useful to have a rest on the ground .

The value of the land is now a tattoo can be formulated independently, on the basis of the foregoing . That is , the symbol can become a kind of amulet or talisman . Samih such characters - great variety.Every nation has its own variations . To your attention the native Slavic , Chinese characters and symbols of Feng Shui and other "scientists" . Also considered in astrology earth sign of Virgo , Taurus and Capricorn .

All nationalities existed a number of rituals associated with this element. It is to this day is the embodiment of strength ,healthy sense and longevity . This element is constant and unchangeable .

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