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The man set the teeth on his body tattoo with meaning, it receives some kind of talisman. Some can see a tattoo depicting a ball with number 8 ball image came from old-school style, which is home to America, and is associated with a game of billiards.

Meaning tattoo ball 8 may be different,bear different meanings, depending on where it is used. The billiard ball 8 if scored with one blow, it means the failure of the party, the main thing that the ball was not thrown into the pocket at once, the first time. It was known that at the time of billiard are available alcohol in large quantities, drugs, gambling and women.

Based on this,tattoo ball carrier 8 can be assessed as a lover of danger and dependent privratno fate. This is a very brave man, who is not gay life sickens with gambling, alcohol and other extremes.

Many believe that the ball 8 represent a player for life, sort of lucky fortune. Also indicatesthat the owner of the tattoo is ready rikovat without thinking, this risk is justified or not. Sketch of tattoo ball 8, as we see, for gambling, brave people willing to try their luck to the test.

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