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Tattoos on the back - an integral part of tattoo art. Initially, a tattoo on the back, as well as in other parts of the body, only men do. Today, a tattoo on the back of a girl - no surprise.

The most popular female tattoos on his back in the form of inscriptions. Previously, quotes used as an addition to the drawings,Now lettering tattoos became independent. But graphics tattoos do not lose their popularity. Tattoo in the form of a drawing, still remains the leader among the tattoos depicted on the back. Whereas previously they were not visible on the back, it is now doing tattoos full back, create a whole composition.

Among the girls,as a tattoo on the back, wings are popular. That may have several meanings. If the wings are close to the initials of the deceased person, it will mean that he is among angels and protects the owner. Angel Wings represent human purity, protection, generosity, wisdom and love.In ancient Egypt was considered a symbol of the greatness of the wings, and many people associate a tattoo with religion.

Tattoo on the back of the flower vine is a unique opportunity for fantasy. On the vine represent both conventional and imaginary flowers.

Often in the form of an image using a hummingbird, small, fragile bird,where each movement is very elegant. And if the master tattoo will pass bird movement correctly, your back will be a real work of art.

Images of barbed wire on the back is popular among women and men. Often in barbed wire weave rose, vine,that softens sufficiently rigid tattoo and gives it subtlety.

They are popular and signs of the zodiac, so if you do not know what to stop, zodiac sign on the back - a great option.

On her back tattoo designs and images

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