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Religious Tattoos can be classified by their belonging to a particular religion : Islam, Buddhism or Christianity. Each of these religions are filled with certain symbolic signs, which it identified, among others.

As a kind of religious tattoos technique drawing figures was born in ancient times. For example,various ritual tattoos are a kind of a trademark of all Palestinian religions. In Christianity, they were forbidden, but it is not conducive to the complete extinction of religious tattoos in the faith. Among the pilgrims continue the practice of tattoos as she performed Coptic priests were usually cross,Pictures of Our Lady with little Jesus, as well as a portrait of Saint Peter. Muslim pilgrims also applied to his body tattoo, they were devoted to Mecca and Medina. The tattoo symbolizes purification after death.

To have survived the facts about a very controversial practice of religious tattoos, which were carried out in the Balkans.Croats and Bosniaks do some original ethnic tattoos, during the invasion of the Muslims, they had a different color. When raided, warring parties could leave the tattoo on female bodies, emphasizing their ethnic and religious affiliation of any opponents half.Many believers strive to make a tattoo with religious symbols, to be closer to God, but although not all religions accept the intentional change in the body. Yet, religious tattoos can be considered as a separate direction in the art of tattoo. Their image has reached a high skill and it can be considered a real creativity.Sometimes the tattoo is one such example, with the image of the face of the saint, is not one day or even a week, when creating a unique beauty and skill of painting.

Unfortunately, all the modern tattoo can not be called like-minded religion and self-sacrifice, as they can often be found among criminals,and true believers do not make any distinguishing marks. Criminals are applied to your body of religious figures, after the critical moment to demonstrate their belief, to attract attention and repent. The most common can be called tattoos of crucifixes and crosses, church domes,divine persons and other religious symbols.

As before, the modern Christian faith is not able to accept tattoos and treats them completely negative, especially if the drawing is made on religious themes. One reason for this attitude can be called a quotation from the Bible : " Do not make cuts for the deceased in your flesh,and do not carry on themselves pinned letter. "

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