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Some mistakenly believe that the image of a snake on the body (meaning the tattoo snake ) carries with it a purely positive energy as a snake - a symbol of wisdom. But this view is obviously wrong. It has long been accepted that a snake tattoo is a symbol of both positive and negative ( negative energy )and in absolutely equally. This is not surprising , as the face of the snake can be interpreted in different ways. Some call it a symbol of the underworld , and the other in front of a symbol of fertility .

No need to forget about the fact that it is associated with snakes a huge number of ( sometimes mysterious ) mythical stories .They can be both deadly assassins and healers .

Today tatuirvoka snake is considered one of the most popular and most requested in various tattoo parlors . This phenomenon is considered to be quite natural , as they symbolize the power and authority of the person and at the same time have a unique grace and beauty .At first glance it may seem that the tattoo snake twists around the body or mesmerizing hypnotic eyes of the interlocutor , is the embodiment of evil and vice. In fact , in all the ancient Eastern cultures the snake is a symbol of tranquility and wisdom . In addition, tattoo depicting snakesby virtue of its originality a little intimidating at all times popular with soldiers . In connection with this fact the snake is a sign of power. Tattoos depicting snakes have no commitment to a specific gender, they are made by both men and women , considering them stylish and aesthetically pleasing .Myth Ouroboros emerged in Egypt 1600 years BC describes a huge serpent which was preserved only through personal eating the tail , and thus associated with the infinite and the eternal cycle of updates . The idea in this series is the concept of infinity to our time .

In Greek mythology, the snake has always had a connection with the goddess of the moon .As a symbol of this lady reptiles gives man knowledge , while in other cultures, the snake goddess have mysteries of birth and death . The cult of worship of the snake as a goddess of fertility and prophecy exists in India. America has a lot of mythical expositions about people - snakes living deep underground ,who guarded the underworld and help people . Most of the above are based on the myth that reptiles spend the winter underground and update themselves , throwing off the skin .

Two or one snake obvivshie cup is a symbol often used in medical science . This mapping has its roots in ancient Greece .According to the prediction it is believed that the god of medicine , Asclepius saw how to use the herbs one snake was cured another since then and it is believed that this has arisen medicine itself . In addition there is another snake of the 12 zodiac signs . It is believed that the one who was born in the Year of the Snake , has wisdom , romantic nature and charm .But having a great intuition , a person can have and laziness and vanity .

The reason that the snake was seen as a goddess of immortality and the Renaissance served as stunt kites with skin dropping . In some cultures, it was believed that the spirit of the snake who lives in wells, has river custodian .For American Native Indians rattlesnake always symbolized fertility and potency. She was considered a symbol of man's creation . Since this type of snake has a lightning strike then it became associated with the raindrops falling to the ground and giving life.The rattlesnake also symbolizes the death and transformation as a poison turns life into death and takes a person from one world to another .

snake tattoo is a symbol of the power of the natural and the supernatural , abundance , wisdom and rebirth. In Western countries, the snake is a symbol of temptation and female sexual power.Quite often in tattoo snake display along with a picture of Eve and Adam in the Garden of Eden . A distinctive feature of the tattoo in the form of a snake , which makes it very popular , there is the possibility of combining with other images . Besides also the easeat which tattooist applies dynamic and fluid forms of the reptile to emphasize the aesthetic lines of the human body . No less wear sexy tattoo in the form of snakes that twine around the thighs , arms or shoulders . It brings a lot of popularity in such tattoos , not only among women but also of men .Snake tattoos can carry both positive and negative symbolism . So for individuals is a symbol of fertility , as for others - the grave .

However, snakes are simultaneously mortal killers and learn healers . Most diverse values ​​tattoo snakes comes izfor a large number of secret mythological stories surrounding population . If you close your eyes from mythology and leave the snake as a simple reptiles , it will be a symbol of strength and wearing a deep respect for its power and elegance of mortality .

Most people prefer to put a tattoo in the form of a snake to the display it.Not often seen mapping coral red and black snake or viper , wrap around legs, arms or spine . A good example of a real display can be a huge portrait of a cobra during application deadly bite . If further develop this idea ,it is possible to apply real Cobra display already glaring in the skin tattoo wearer. It is not necessary to show the tattoo completely all cobra . Applying bright natural coloring of this reptile can be applied bandage on a sleeve or cover to make a large area of ​​the body .Individual elements of the snake scales may have a different color : coral snake western Straight bright red , black and white patches of scales ; fulminate tree snake in the nature of colored wavy lines Various shades of black or steel gray colors .

Quite often in the form of tattoos of snakes have a certain image of the scene . SoFor example, along with snake charmers snake displayed itself ;

sitting on a busy street a man having a beard hanging from reptiles ;

dancing snake dark color , under hypnosis depicting the dance inside the basket .

You can display the cobra obvivshuyu sleeping Buddha and creates protection from the sun with your head , and extensive neck .Also another idea to portray the goddess Koatliku with a skirt and a face consisting of a large number of snakes are with her in the gloomy unity . This scene is a symbol of life and death over which prevailed a goddess.

Most people always avoid snakes , someone running goosebumps while they hiss , and someonethe bewitched their dance of death . But you can not find someone who would be completely indifferent to them among the people.

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