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Pearl - the gem a symbol of purity, brightness, richness, light and femininity ( see also the diamond tattoo. ). It has pale glow and is associated with the full moon (see. Moon tattoo ) and water (see. Water element tattoo ).Deep under water has got a grain of sand in the sink closed from prying eyes half shell and turns into a pearl for several years. Pearl - a special rarity, it is noble and pure in order to get it you need to perform the feat, to get it from the seabed.

Values ​​pearl tattoos

shinefemininity (and Tattoo Bracelet )

miracle of birth or rebirth (as Tattoo bat )


fertility (and frog tattoo )




family happiness

secret knowledge

Ideas for tattoo designs pearl

There are many different variants of tattoos with pearls.Here for example are some of them : Opened sea shell with white pearl, dragon holding in one paw pearl mermaid holding in one hand a pearl, sea king Poseidon contemplates pearl.

History of pearls

Pearls were first mentioned in the literature of ancient China and India (see Indian tattoos. ) ;Indian Vedic literature says that about pearls on a peninsula known before 1500 BC. e. It is significant that among the Egyptian and the same Greek jewelery repeatedly detected gems framed by pearls.The troops of Alexander the Great were taken to Mediterranean countries a large number of pearls from India and Persia. Even more common was the pearls in the II and I centuries. BC. e. The most valuable is the pearl of India - for their beautiful color, for an incomparable shine.Masters of that time tried to give pearls of lower quality from other locations shine Oriental Pearl - something managed by polishing, something not possible - but it has led to the fact that the value of the jewels fell slightly. But those who were from the East. The special luster and perfect roundness of the forms were not only honors this pearl,but also a symbol of perfection. For mystics jewel in those days it seemed ennobling old primitive, in fact, the animals (see. Tattoos and animals ).

Main place of application

Back, side, chest, hip, shoulder, calf, hose, brush.

Pearl tattoo designs and images

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