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Almost all associated with the image of the angel wings, as they see in them a divine ( heavenly ) beauty, purity and innocence. That is why in recent years a very popular types of tattoos and request Steel Tattoo wings.

Many interpret their significance as a symbol of spirituality and purity. This is partly true. But,Despite this, they have other values ​​( the wording ).

Some mistakenly believe that such an image must necessarily have a direct relationship to religion, but such a view is not entirely true. One should not forget the fact that everyone puts in his highly personal tattoo (sometimes understandable only to him ) meaning.

Typically, such a tattoo is performed in one color ( white ), but today very common and other variations. Often the clients themselves insist that, whatever the color of the wings was not white, but, for example, black. But note, this option is considered to be not the best for this image. Black wings can become a symbol of danger,as often represent fallen angels. This tattoo is definitely not bring any good to the person who will wear it on your body.

In the process of choosing the picture itself and its color schemes, in particular, need to take into account the fact that the color in many ways reflects the human soul, and features of his character.Very often it is considered the main wings of the distinctive character of the angels, at the same time they represent the divine innocence and beauty. Quite often in the form of a tattoo of angel wings are treated as one of the spiritual symbols. Besides,tattoo angel wings can carry several meanings for different people and at the same time they do not have to do with religion. As an example, the wings may have a value of the flight and transfer the desire for freedom.

That angel wings, in most cases, children transmit purity, which adds an element of playfulness to the tattoo.It is often associated with the angels messengers of God, a kind of comforters, plus they are able to make a special element of spiritual emotions.

Artists ancient Egyptian angel wings pattern was used as a symbol of greatness and power.

There are many options for using tattoos of angel wings.

Besides,there are so many kinds of options, which provide for sharing images with other wings tattoos. Wings of Angels can be used with virtually any other tattoos. It can be accepted, various inscriptions, crosses and more.The most popular tattoo design performance are the initials or the name of a loved one, to which were attached angel wings.

Also among the most popular tattoo designs angel wings picture wings ranked among couples on the blades, if they are attached to the shoulders.Quite often you can find colorful tattoo wings. Despite the fact that all the same it is the white color is the standard color for the execution of the tattoo, the speaker symbol of purity, we should not forget that all the tattoo reflects the man himself and his alone to choose its color.Black wings are a symbol of danger and can transmit a fallen angels, enjoying great popularity among the Goths.

You all sorts of possible colors to create your own tattoo can be used. This will help make the tattoo even more beauty and individuality.

It is worth noting,that quite often you can also find the image of butterfly wings.

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