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Today, tattoo parlors can be found in every town and most certainly there are craftsmen who will be able to perform even the most complex order, the customer would be money and desire. Of course, such a rush , like 5-7 years ago , the fashion for tattoos do not know many people prefer temporary tattoos , not to spoil the skin . But vsethe same interest in this art still exists , and its essence is retained . Another thing is that the picture is randomly selected , and in fact initially pinned on the meaning of the body is not determined by the owner .

How old tattoo ?

It is believed that the tattoo art has appeared in Europe , thanks to Captain Cook ,which in 1771 brought back from his travels native , completely covered with a pattern of underwear . Admiration , excitement , enthusiasm for the new fashion - first began to make tattoos sailors - and Europe is gradually flooded with a variety of wearable jewelry. Incidentally , the name - " tattoo " is borrowed from the Tahitian : it means " sign""drawing". But most interesting is that the art of tattooing known much earlier , it was widespread and the Egyptians (which is 4 millennium BC) and the ancient peoples of our land . For example, on the Ukok Plateau in the Altai Mountains have been found dumping on the statute similar to egiptyanskimi - the same 4th century BC ,body and found different patterns in different underwear . In general , the art of tattooing around 6000 years old, and it flourished not only in the Slavic world . But if the tribes distant islands meant a certain pattern belonging to a particular tribe , why tattooed yourself ancient Slavs ? Is the same reason ? Not at all.Our peoples have the drawings on the body could be applied only to those engaged in magical rituals . Curiously, the ancestors used clay for printing press - pintadery on which was carved ornament, which allows to cover the whole body meander pattern - to the rituals of the ancient fertility cult .With the adoption of Christianity, the need for a tattoo has disappeared , and despite the hype in Europe , we have a special interest in this art did not show , except stare at the sailors with tattoo or " razrisovanyh " from head to toe circus hunt typed a lot. But - as it turned out - all the time.

Nobles tattooed their children in infancyFashion for the tattoo as a symbol of aristocracy , introduced himself the Emperor Nicholas II . Having been in Japan, the king acquired pectoral pattern in the form of dragon tattooed and was Grand Duke Mikhail Alexandrovich . It was enough that the whole bohemian howled with delight and rushed with all haste match the new fashion. Already in 1906, in St.Petersburg the first shop was opened tattoo art , of course , the level of picture performance was far from the Japanese masters , but the art is gaining momentum. Only it was not a fancy decoration , does ! If the emperor got the original baptismal symbol of power , the nobles find another tattoo application . Who had the idea first ,hard to say , but the nobles made ​​tattoo tribal seal heirs . After all, every kind of old had his own printing, or rather , they were two well-known , that holds the documents and - secret - for family members . Secret different from known small, but a characteristic difference between , for example, " m " could replace "m" or "z " - "z",turn number and so on. So, every kind of heir had on the body the secret seal, usually under the arm or on the thigh , and the original of the mark stored in the secret place of the parents , and showed only piercer . And a tattoo put babies ! Of course, the direct heirs , whose birth proclaimed loudly - after about a year ,and babies born out of wedlock - almost a month after the birth. If the father would recognize the child , he denounced his secret seal , so the bastard equalized in rights with the legitimate children . By the way, when during the printing revolution - and the secret , and the public - have been lost , many heirs to know each other through the years ,through secret signs on the body. Furthermore, often a secret printing became the key to the family treasury, not all the rich people rely on banks where securities are held more often , but the gold and jewels longer trusted cache, the door of which opened the secret press, it had to make to the castle . In this way,Tattoo children of the nobility had a double meaning : belonging to the genus and a key to the cache . After all , losing a secret printing, heir, through tattooing , could make a copy - this is an extreme case .

Tattoo - outside the law !

Apparently , because of the special respect that had tutuirovke rich and noble people ,after the October Revolution the art immediately got into a number of " remnants of the tsarist regime " and was strictly forbidden . But - whether in opposition to , or already at the prevailing traditions, tattoo art continued to flourish in the thieves' society had its own kind of figures and a clear hierarchy ,tattoo actually become a kind of a secret letter to the initiated in the criminal world . To stop this wave , in the Soviet Union was even introduced a law on the prohibition of tattooing , which was valid from 1937 to 1939 . Later in the Criminal Code ban lifted this : whether it was not up to it , or have played the role of a hero of the war of the former prisoners ,tattoos that could no longer be concealed. But , nevertheless , interest in tattoo drawings preserved in subsequent years , do them secretly in underground rooms. The reason for this popularity was not only thieves romance . Played a role in Europe, an informal movement of the 1960s , young people , imitating tattooed idols ,I hurry to get the same figures . Of course , abroad quickly put the matter on the flow : specialized magazines , schools , and in the late 70s began to organize a conference of festivals of modern tattooing. In the Soviet Union these trends , of course , sunk ,but young people can only through the hands of a few tenths copy original drawings and look for proven masters . However , already in the mid-1980s, related to the tattoo considerably warmer, there were even colored tattoo that can boast figures of rock underground. And how many years ago , the center of the popularization of this art form became Peter , that is ,Leningrad. Whether remained masters of " old school " who could perform any complexity figure , or had even connoisseurs of this kind of art ... But all concerned were well aware : if you want a gorgeous tattoo - look for " edge " in St. Petersburg. Well, already in the 90s , when reinforcing ties with the West , our people quickly explained that the tattoo -This is not a sign of tyuremschiny , allowing tattoo slowly but surely creep out again at the peak of fashion .

Tattoo: arguments "for" and " against "

Now, many boys and girls flaunt a wide variety of tattoos , from the tiny butterfly on the shoulder to the color pattern on the chest - someone like that . It plays a role and longtime stereotype for men tattoo -a symbol of masculinity , women - the personification of the mystery and sexuality . Exotic characters , bracelets , magic signs and ornaments - Today the choice - for every taste . But , carried away by a tattoo , we must not forget how this figure will be in a few years , because the skin loses its elasticity, sagging , the image is distorted ,and that's a "beauty" have to wear all my life . Of course, modern technology can and adjust , and even clean up such images, but such an operation does not fit all , and the scars still remain. By the way, we are fortunate in that a lot more than distant ancestors . Well , let's Slavs adorned themselves, so to speak freely ,and here in Rome and Greece, often labeled with tattooed thieves and slaves who would be considered for the happiness of this label get rid of. And methods of information stigma existed , but what ! For example, the Roman physician Etius offered truly barbaric Recipe : lubricate the tattoo nitrate , top coat of liquid rosin , apply a bandage .A week later swollen puncture the skin with a pin and sprinkle with salt punctured places . Top - a layer of lime . And on day 20 it was possible to admire the result . Imagine what "fun" tattooed experienced ?! While on the other hand, if the fugitive slave had to get rid of the stigma , he his ready to peel and stone ... Not surprisingly,recipe removing tattoos was at that time under the strict prohibition . But , although it is now clear ugly tattoo - not a problem , it is better not to complicate their lives . Experienced experts believe that all necessary measure : painted from head to toe is still unreasonable , and the drawing must choose carefully,pre- acquainted with the symbols and values ​​of the proposed images.

In addition , the size and shape of the tattoo depends on the place where it is applied , must repeat pattern area of ​​the body shape and not be very large . If the figure a lot of details, and the dimensions necessary to choose larger , or just parts smazhutsya .

Doctors recommend ...If you are going to do the tattoo , without fail , consult with an experienced dermatologist . Allergy is a must to find out the composition of the paint , which is used for tattoos , and to discuss with a physician if you can apply it . During exacerbation of chronic diseases , flu, colds , pregnancy , visit the salon is better to postpone -the consequences can be very unpleasant .

Some believe that drinking a glass before applying the tattoo in the form of anesthesia - the best option . On the contrary ! Alcohol increases blood pressure , blood will wash off the paint and drawing get faded , expressionless . As a rule , the cabin offers anesthetic ointment .

Very important is the right care for the tattoo.Heal it for about a month , by the way , it is best to do a picture in the cold season - so advise the master. In the cabin , along with tattoos , applied a special "protection" , it can be removed after five days and once it is necessary to wash drawing with warm soapy water .Just a couple of days you need two times a day to wipe the tattoo calendula tincture on alcohol or baby cream , and then apply an ointment which advised master . If two days after the procedure pattern is covered with a crust - the healing goes well , by the way , it will feel very itchy , but scratching the place can not be - broken drawing!While the tattoo is healed , in no case can not go to the bath , solarium and a swimming pool ! Before the shower should be lubricated with petroleum jelly or drawing fat cream , wash the place - warm water and very gently . the same can not be bandaged figure - the skin should "breathe" , it is best to wear loose-fitting clothing , the fabric is less concerned tattoos .

Generally,as sung in the famous song : " Think for yourself , decide for yourself - or may not have ." In principle , nothing wrong with tattoos there , but still the best option - a temporary tattoo at the same time and check whether it suits you as imagined , and if the pattern fails lay down or lose one's attraction , we can be comforted by the fact that it will come soon . And even more so ,it is not necessary put out the names of loved ones ! You never know what life may change

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