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Anyone can name at least one animal, which feels a particular fondness. Most often, these are our pets : cats, dogs, parrots, fish, and sometimes the amphibians. All types of tattoos, one way or another, emphasize the character of its owner.

Sometimes people prefer to wild beasts, or unusual mythical or sacred animal.No matter what animal you like, there are lots of ways to express their gratitude to the wild for its creation, for example, by means of a tattoo with the animals.

Each person, their own preferences when it comes to animals. Their diversity, symbolism and beauty already pushed a single person, the factto put on a body tattoo their favorite animal.

Most people have at least one animal, to which there is affection. In normal cases, it is a pet, sometimes fish, a bird, may even be exotic animals.Today there are many methods in order to be able to express their attachment using animal tattoos.

The most popular images are land animals, lions, wolves and tigers. For each of the animals produce images in the form of pictures,which show an unrealistic image or simply represent a normal animal. For example, a horse can be shown (freedom and grace ) galloping across a green meadow or a coyote ( a symbol of deception in the Indians in America) changing shape.

Also popular tattoo in the form of marine animals.The most attractive tattoo is a picture of a dolphin display, due to the fact that it can be used in a variety of forms, and plus to all the animal symbolizes freedom, kindness and playful disposition. Many people love to use the crab in a futuristic form due to other-worldliness of its kind,but more often he is portrayed as the embodiment of the astrological. Quite often they use a variety of maps of small sea creatures symbolize the " free floating " character and a certain gentleness. If the preferred style of the unusual form of the use of cyclops which are microscopic creatures,having a body shaped colorless tears and long mustache red.

Often used in tattoos insects. Many people link them to crawl, but there are those who are simply fascinated by their unnatural views, interesting history and an absolute symbolism. For example, the spider is a symbol of growth and creative opportunities,it can be shown in an unusual form of seductive ladies with huge eyes that lured male representative in the private network. Also popular for tattooing scorpions, bees and butterflies.

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