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In the most general sense the value of a demon tattoo ( from the word " daemon " - " gives wisdom" ) - is a temptation, which aims - to awaken in man the fall, as well as the temptation, weakness, deceit, evil spirits patronage. More detailed values ​​can be found by considering the history of a particular character. You need to know that demons and devils -not the same, so a careful approach to the choice of a sketch of tattoo with the image of a demon.

Demons are usually divided into two categories - the demons of hell and gargoyles.

Tattoo daemon represents either a vice, which is subject to the carrier or vice, from which he would like to get rid of, but can not.When applying a tattoo a person wishes to associate himself with the evil qualities that are inherent in the character. For example, the demon Beelzebub - an evil spirit, the assistant of the devil himself, who represents gluttony.

There are demons - patrons of any kinds of skills, arts or sciences. For example, Ronve helps to understand all languages ​​,and orobas able to predict the future, and gives genuine knowledge of any past event.

Sometimes these tattoos are applied Satanists. Usually demon tattoo - this image creature with horns and torn wings. These sketches tattoo daemon is running in the black-and- white version.

With regard to the gargoyles that despite belonging to the demonsThey are on the side of the church (though often wrong, referring to the evil powers ). Meaning tattoo with their image - positive, it acts as a talisman, which is not surprising, because the long stone gargoyle guarding the entrance to the cathedral from evil forces.

Recently gaining popularity of tattoos with Japanese demons ( they ). Usually,they are depicted with a red, black or green skin, horns and impressive canines that do not fit into the mouth. Legend has it that a poor person can become a Oni. They feed these monster meat person, and kill them is almost impossible, as the severed body part instantly grow again.

The most famous Japanese demons -the heroes of folklore.

Radzinya - god of thunder and protector of the Buddhist faith, is portrayed tearing roll.

Ondeko -man - the owner of fertility, prosperity and harvest on the ground, it usually tattoo dancing, accompanying himself does not reels.

Chania Mask - an ugly demon that turned into a jealous and contentious woman, symbolizes the vice.In Tibet it is a symbol of Buddhism Charm.

Rokurokubi - look like people, to mislead, and in the afternoon it is impossible to expose. On the tattoo depicted as beautiful women. According to legend, they are married and at night show their dark essence. Their victims - blasphemers.

Kitsune - a demon in the form of a fox,who deceives people and feeds them with energy and is able to take human form and even instill in people, creating the illusion that it is impossible to distinguish from reality. Tattoo with the image of the character means wisdom, agility, resourcefulness. Depicted in the form of a fox with a lot of tails.Usually not positioned as a villain.

Nure - onna - a demon with a human head and the body of the serpent, who is called the water woman. This tattoo is most often applied to men disappointed love.

There are other equally colorful characters. The most common place a tattoo demon - back, shoulder, chest, side, thigh.

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