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Sometimes the pectoral images can benefit its owner not only for its impact on the destiny, but they can save his life in the truest sense. There are some tattoos related to medical topics, which in the case of some troubles with health help doctors. For example, it is the verbal designation stage diabetes or Asma,in this number includes the tattoo blood.

But in most cases the tattoo refers to the military people. Application of blood on the body of a military man has become an old tradition. For the first time began to do so even during the reign of Peter the Great. However, the peak of popularity fell at a time when our soldiers are serving in Afghanistan.Then they tattooed with blood on his chest was not as fashionable decoration as a hint to a doctor if necessary emergency medical care.

Now the soldiers have traditionally applied a similar pattern. Normally select places for him, as the breast, near the armpit or on the wrist, but the latter option is extremely rare.Now, not only men, but women also serve in the army, so the tattoo artist meets and blood from them.

By the way, at the end of the war dead soldiers determined precisely by this sign. And even some of the deserters and traitors of their homeland calculated in this way, then they are condemned.In general, medical tattoo - a real alternative to a medical alert bracelet, and various tokens, on which is engraved with information about human health. This accessory can be broken or lost at the right time, so it is not completely rely. But certainly own skin will always be with you,so the tattoo with health information is highly relevant. It is possible that in the future tattoo with medical conditions will become mandatory.

Of course, it is that there is no uniform standard should look like such a tattoo, and it is not mandatory for the application.However, tattooed blood group or the designation of an existing disease have been increasingly applied to the body. Masters in tattoo parlors have noted that the number wishing to capture a similar inscription is becoming more and sketches on his body, who are asked to draw a more original. Someone draws a small post, and someone great for the whole hand.But be aware that not all patients can do tattoos, especially diabetes and oncology.

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