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Meaning tattoo "crocodile" - this is a trick , and the relentless pursuit of your goal , it is not verbosity and patience . And, of course , is power. This tattoo is suitable for people who love the sport, active and purposeful , even somewhat dangerous .

Crocodile on the body of a man - it's aggression on the body of a woman - the personification of the maternal ,feminine power and wisdom , creative energy . Tattoo "crocodile" always means the ability to quickly solve something and take responsibility for their actions .

Crocodiles - the oldest and one of the most bloodthirsty predators Earth . The European civilization it is a symbol voracity , destruction, divine retribution for sins. In many countries, it is- Allegory cunning and patience : he patiently waits in ambush their prey victim .

In ancient times was considered a representative of a crocodile , the beyond peace envoy , supposedly guarding the gates of Hell. In European countries, it was considered a terrible animal , but in Asia, Egypt and America crocodile trusted symbol of rebirth . For example,Indians believed that at sunset crocodile swallows the sun and in the morning he spits , and so comes the dawn.

Tattoo in the form of a crocodile looks very impressive . It is a symbol path in line with their own , against the current . This tattoo can cause a person who prefers not to restrain themselves conventions , not to drive in the frame.Mouth depict animals in this case it can be disclosed .

Images of crocodile often look intimidating , this figure represents agility, swiftness , patience in achieving goals , deceit and grudge . The man with the tattoo crocodile often - hardened , hardened and cunning . Sometimes women do a tattoo ,the fair sex , this tattoo is a symbol of energy , overflowing , and creativity.

Apply crocodile tattoo on different parts of the body : the back , shoulders and legs . Tattoo different showiness , bright and spectacular .

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