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Tattoo jellyfish - not the most popular image . Special features of these creatures , intriguing appearance and sometimes mortal danger that artfully hidden behind a fragile shell , resulting in slight confusion . Therefore, few people are willing to choose the jellyfish as a basic idea of ​​the tattoo .Sketches tattoo jellyfish look equally good in black and white and in color .

Tattoo jellyfish is most common in people who live near the sea or ocean . The image of this creature is not a purely female or purely images to male .

Medusa embodies elegance and tranquility . This creation,which must be constant movement in order to maintain its existence . They move in harmony with the flow of life and show how it is to interact with the natural energy of the whole universe .

Looking at the image of a jellyfish , involuntarily reflect on what is to spend more time solving problems ,rather than mindless drifting . We can say that the meaning of a tattoo jellyfish is twofold .

Jellyfish tattoo can often be seen in those people who love the sea , as well as life , boiling it . The unique appearance of the jellyfish allows you to show the lion's share of creativity in the choice of design. You can select a jellyfish with delicate tentacles ,like lines and small round little body or rather thick with jellyfish tentacles and a large bright bright realistic body .

Incidentally , realistic tattoo , can be painted in a variety of colors and shades , from orange to pinkish hues . You can circle the jellyfish bluish tint (this will be the symbol of water ) .Effectively will look tattoo jellyfish , which glows in the ultraviolet . Extraordinary people and individualists often make tattoo jellyfish , which has a complex , a fantastic start .

There are varieties of jellyfish that are somewhat similar to the aliens . Since jellyfish are themselves unusual , almost extraterrestrial form, then make something of jellyfishit will not be so difficult , like a monster .

Large jellyfish the size that resembles a mushroom, can be represented in space , for example , wound around his immense jellyfish tentacles entire planet . If we consider that a tattoo jellyfish is quite rare , it can be regarded as very unique. This is another reason ,on which it should choose people extraordinary .

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