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Temporary tatuirovki- is one of the most controversial topics for discussion. Master tattoo parlors offering this service , promise that the drawing disappear without trace after a year or two , but in fact only lost its contours rather than aesthetic spot remains in its place .What is a temporary tattoo and realistic to decorate your body beautiful picture or pattern for a short period of time? Let's deal !

Temporary tatu- Myth or Reality ?

So, what kind of service is behind the name "temporary tattoo " ? To understand this, let's see what the tattoo in principle.She refers to the process by the application of a specific pattern of injury to the skin and the needle making it a pigment or simply paint. That is what any self-respecting wizard calls this way , involves the use of tattoo machines . Just the depth to which will be " delivered " the pigment in this case is lesser ,than for full tattoo.

Yes , the picture will please you long, but in its place will simply blot . So , whether it makes sense to endure the same pain as when normal a tattoo , but to get the result of a year or two ? Perhaps if you do not think about the long-term picture , you do doubt its necessity ?

But do not despair ,in fact ways to decorate your body weight ! Although they are called " tattooed " more correct to speak of " drawings " or " body art " . But since this name was assigned to the short-lived designs on the body without breaking the tradition, we will tell you about them .

Types of temporary tattoos

Before you make a temporary tattoo , you need to understand ,what they are . So the most basic types are:

Temporary henna tattoos . Yet they are called or mehendi mehndi .

Temporary tattoos gold . These decals are also known as flash tattoo.

Glitter tattoo .

Crystal tattoo.

Aerotatu .

Temporary tattoo pen or pencil .Now let's talk about the most popular types and identify their strengths and weaknesses. Perhaps one of the options offered by us decorate your body this summer .

Mehendi or henna tattoos

Temporary henna tattoos , there are several tens of years, but they got special popularity in 2015 .Today, every self-respecting fashionista hurry to master this technique or schedule to the master, who will paint her body with henna . Apply a pattern on a low-fat skin with a brush or a special cone . This cone is easy to make your own out of construction paper and tape, remembering how fold cup of newspaper Seeds grandmother .Generally in the art do not perform complex drawings, it is often ornate curls , spirals and dots .

Benefits mehendi :

Drawing will be held about 2 weeks , but if after the application of the pattern to wipe it with lemon juice with sugar , and then cherish and try to once again not to wet skin,the result can be saved for almost a month .

To draw you can buy a ready-made , divorced or buy henna powder and cook pasta yourself. Mehendi- very affordable temporary tattoo at home , the cost of a bag of henna about 50 rubles , and the price of the finished composition of about 150 rubles.

Hna- is a natural dye,and therefore we can safely say that mendi- is harmless and safe . You will be able to execute pattern again as soon as the previous fade .

Mehndi Disadvantages :

Alas , not every one of us to the artist , so the first time can get a beautiful pattern , not all . But do not despair . To henna tattoo turned out neat ,you can draw it on parchment first , and then transfer to the skin .

To make mehndi require not so much time. The very pattern of thin elements- laborious affair , and after application is necessary to leave the henna on the skin for at least 7 hours, and then wash off the dye residue.

Given these pros and cons of such a minor ,such temporary tattoo for the summer is simply obliged to appear on your body ! Please try ?

If you want to apply a temporary tattoo without henna , an alternative could be aerotatu . Apply it with a special airbrush raspylitelya- . During the creation of the pattern , a special paint for temporary tattoos .It is considered hypoallergenic and waterproof . Driving aerotatu creation is very simple:

The skin degreased by special means .

You choose a picture that will decorate your body .

The wizard then places the stencil with the selected picture on the right part of the skin .

under the pressure of the airbrush spray paint , stencil filling the void .The disadvantages aerotatu may include a short period of " life." It will last from 3 days to a week , subject to a minimum of friction with clothes . On the other hand , and it is not without merit : temporary tattoo ink can not only be black , but a color fluorescent and even , i.e. glow in the dark .

Temporary tattoos or gold fleshki-it is an absolute trend in 2015 and if you have " no clue " need as quickly as possible to catch up. They have been applied on the basis of perevodok familiar to us from childhood .

Pros gold tattoo :

They look temporary tattoo gold impressive and unusual , especially on sunburnt body. So buy a set you need to be sure -it is an ideal temporary tattoo for the summer.

Flash tattoo are safe and do not cause allergies on skin .

A variety of patterns to satisfy any beauty.

set cost from 250 rubles, which is affordable for everyone.

Cons gold tattoos :

These figures deteriorate in contact with them, cosmetic oils in the composition .Lifetime gold tattoo very nedolgovremennyy- about a week , but considering their safety , you can apply them to an infinite number of times , adorning the body at least 3 months of summer.

Temporary tattoo pen

For your body to embellish your architectural drawing, you can use the ordinary gel pen color you like .For its application can use the cliche , pre- paint your ideas on paper, and then cut along the contour of the image . Then secure with a conventional adhesive tape the stencil to the skin and fill in blank areas of the gel pen .

Benefits tattoo pen :

Fast. If you are nice to draw , you can immediately start to spray pattern on the skin.

Just. You do not need special training to carry out or to mix up, as is the case with henna .

Available . Gel pens are always at hand .

A thin rod pen lets you render the most delicate parts and to do it gently .

Disadvantages temporary tattoo pen :

Temporary tattoo ruchkoy- most short-lived option.This pattern looks cheap , it is better to create it to use cosmetic eyeliner .

The handle can be smeared and dirty clothes . To fix the image , you can sprinkle it with hairspray .

In order for such a temporary tattoo at home looked decent , drawing must be performed very carefully .And how do you feel about body adornment such methods ? Would you imagine one of these tattoos for a month or do you prefer to fill the usual tattoo? Leave your comments at the end of the article , we are interested in your opinion .

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