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Today's youth often choose to tattoo the image of the Valkyries for the beauty and sophistication . Not many people have the idea that it is a powerful symbol of the sacred Slavic , having Scandinavian origin .

Valkyrie connects a main qualities that are needed a real warrior . It's an honor , wisdom , generosity , and justice .Valkyrie symbol bears shelter warring for their family and land. Valkyrie smooth out the negative aspects of the war , taking care of the balanced spirit of the soldiers . But Valkyrie does not carry only the meaning of peace . It represents a human right to protection of their foundations . Valkyrie as a tattoo has a value of militancy and strength.Valkyrie became known thanks to the mythology . The myths describe the beautiful and brave maiden . They honored the soldiers who fought for their land and faith . Valkyries were in the retinue of the god Odin . They carried off the souls of dead warriors to his castle and there waited on them during the feast . Each Valkyrie was responsible for a certain time of the fight.

It was believed ,Valkyries that affect the fate of a man from his birth . Valkyries were lovers of the great warriors - Velenda , Siegfried , Helga . In the Middle Ages , at the time of witch hunts , women often recognized Valkyries , ie witches .

Initially, these mythological virgins considered ominous spirits of military battles . Valkyrie ,flying over the battlefield on behalf of one spot - to live or to die a soldier . Later Valkyrie became referred to as romantic and beautiful creatures with golden hair and a snow-white skin . They often fall in love with the mortal heroes. Over time, the Valkyries are increasingly endowed with destiny and appearance of real women ,who lived in Scandinavia at the time.

Among the soldiers there was a belief that if you pray to the gods and to go into battle is fair, maiden , Valkyrie takes brave men died on the appointment to the god Odin . Help of Odin carried away from the field only the most worthy battle . Those who were not awarded their attention, forced to live in the underworld in the ordeal and agony.Part of the myth presents us flying on the wings of the Valkyries . Other legends say about Valkyrie , rider , riding horses are out of the clouds . That is why the wings of the Valkyries is so popular in the tattoo to represent .

The world has learned about the Valkyrie thanks to the monument of ancient literature , " Elder Edda " . In the poem each Valkyrie called by name,which defines its character and essence. Translated all these names linked with militancy .

In the Anglo - Saxon legends of some Valkyries come from noble families , who are elected by the gods . Other virgin descended from elves . Girls prefer a tattoo in the form of the Valkyries , reading the German epic "The Song of the Nibelungs ."In one of the parts of the work describes the punishment Sigrdrivy Valkyries , who dared to go against the will of the god Odin . One Valkyrie plunged into a deep sleep . Upon awakening maiden he lost immortality and become an ordinary woman .

For girls Valkyrie - a tattoo , which stands talisman , strengthening spiritual strength and helps unlock the potential.

If you like the idea of ​​beat tattoo Valkyries can find sketches on the Internet or browse the albums in the tattoo parlor . The skilled artisan skillfully draw you liked tattoos .

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